Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why Do We Do What We Do: Marriage

We're going through a series where in we try to redeem the biblical implication of the stuff that we usually practice and see a bigger picture of what they are. One of the very things that we're going to look at right now is the very meaning of marriage. What is so important about it that we have to redeem the biblical meaning of it in hopes that we truly see the serious thing that marriage is, that it's even bigger than what we have thought it is.

This is one of the very things that I have always held up high and respected and waited for. I'm very blessed to have parents that are enjoying marriage and ever since I was a kid I've always wanted that kind of thing. Of course with the help of various media and just me being my plain ol' cheesy self, I've always held marriage in high esteem. The gift that it is to a couple of people who loves each other and the rewards that comes along with it. 

Has it been this way to many? This has also been one of the things that have constantly broken my heart. Being a witness of a marriage that wasn't even given a chance to materialize, hearing of people cheating with their husbands and wives left and right, marriage has consistently degraded from something held serious to a glorified "relationship".

I hold myself as someone who shouldn't even be talking about this since I am in no way near this season but I will speak to it in a stand point of someone looking at it, walking towards it with someone hand in hand and wanting to understand what it means more biblically and hopefully get to share that season with the one I am in love with.

Our goal for this session is to see what it is, and hopefully have a bigger picture on what it is biblically, and let our minds as people who are in a season of singleness looking for someone to share this with. I am not stopping you to chase relationships or going for this, I just want to mold your minds on what the texts that we're going to look at say about this and we could start from there.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Don't Waste Your Sorrows (Book of Ruth)

This is a blog entry that would summarize the message that was preached on our church this Sunday by Pastor Dave Darwin. We looked into the story of Naomi and Ruth in the book of Ruth and from there we tried to answer the question most people ask when they're in the gutter.

"Why me?"

Friday, October 08, 2010

Why Do We Do What We Do: Communion

We started a series a couple of weeks back that where we try and put biblical meaning on what we do with regards to our faith. There are alot of things that we practice, but somehow we ask and wonder why. Through the following weeks we'll try to answer why we do what we do.

Last week we discussed on why do we take communion.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mr. DJ on Relationships

Why do we get into a relationship? What are the reasons why we even think about being in one?

I've never really gotten my head around it until I got to talk to one of the guys who are in my lifegroup.
Getting into a relationship, I believe, is something, that shouldn't be played around with. You have two souls, two human beings, two hearts that will get into it, and without treading carefully, you'd be setting each other into a different path.

Why do we get in one? Is it primarily so that you could feel satisfied? Is it because you'd just want to try it? I believe that being in a relationship is PRIMARILY sharing who you are. Relationships, now that I'm in one, is something that I would say not a joke. It's hard, It's fragile, but in the end if you're in it for the right reasons, it's the best thing that could ever happen in one persons life. You, being you, sharing all that you are to the person you love, long to be with, from now till the sun sets in your lives. Whoever said that it's not always rainbows and butterflies? I'm in probably one of the hardest relationship that one could endure, being in a long distance kind, but still enjoying it like opening a present, as a 6 year old kid, during Christmas morning. Everyday, ever since that fateful day, has always been special. All of them, a cause for celebration.

Reasons, do we need them before we get into one? Yes, I would say that everyone needs a reason when they jump into this ship that should hold a one way trip to forever. First of all, I think one shouldn't get in one unless they're in love. And not that kind of love that could be justified, It's that kind of love that you couldn't even put a finger on where it began, where it came from, or how it all happened. It's not something you learn while being in a relationship, I think, It's something that you find out as you get along with not being in one. It's that kind that you make you ask yourself if that's basically it. It's the one that transforms men to poets. It's the one that keeps you up all night. Yes, if that's what you're feeling then go on... jump on it. Risk it. I did... Took that 1% chance and, Iv'e never been more happier than I could ever be.

Second, I think everyone that's in it, should be thinking that they just want to share who they are to this person. Be who they are, without reserve, without any kind of pretensions, something that you can boast of for the right reasons. This kind of boasting is not the one that would make you feel all pompous and like a champ, I'm pertaining to that kind of boasting that would make you look more of a loser than a champ but still wouldn't care. It's something that you wouldn't ask in return, It's something that makes you to just want to give your time and not ask for anything back. It's something that you even feel the pleasure of going out of your way to go an extra mile with giving.

Reason that you can just see forever in this persons eyes...

Next question would be when. When you know you could step into forever. When you know you could put your foot down and stick with these things. When you know that you're happy by yourself, that you can finally pour yourself, without any kind of hang ups, to the other. When you just feel like you know. I guess, you'll know it, when you know.

For long have I walked around by myself. For long have I always thought that I'd never be happy alone. And right when I found happiness, by myself, satisfied and enjoying my completeness... That's when I found that very same person, that I've thought I'd never be happy without. I hope by reading this, you'd get to share yourself as you instead of sucking the life out of another person.

and since I'm a follower of Christ.

For me, the right reason that you'd want to think when getting into a relationship would be to glorify God in that. Get in one if you feel that you'd be doing what's pleasing unto Him, who has given all things. Just like our motto from my alma mater...

That in all things, God may be glorified.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Why Did You Die On Me XBOX360?

As you can see, this is the cinematic trailer for the Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2. And for those of you who know me well, knows that I'm a sucker for anything Star Wars. Even if it's bad like Episodes 1, 2 and 3, I would still go and watch them repeatedly just because they're Star Wars. 

I played the 1st Force Unleashed on my Wii and it was awesome. Imagine me swinging those Wii-motes like a lightsabre with my nephew watching the kid in me unleashed as well. I would swing them complete with a pouty mouth that would signify enjoyment and sound effects along with the ones that's already with the game. I loved it! and I want more...

Now I did have an Xbox360 not so long ago. I bought my friends unit for a steal price. Unfortunately, He didn't last long. Now that Box is just an aesthetic on my desk, waiting for a time that he could still be repaired. Watching this trailer made me miss that unit. How I wish I have him still in anticipation for this game. I wonder if I could still have this repaired, I wonder if I could still squeeze life out of this bad boy... just in time for THIS!

Lot's of frustration... and anticipation. Oh well...

Cinematic Trailer

Trailer (Voices: Yoda vs Vader)

Gameplay Demo

Friday, September 03, 2010

End All, Be All (Psalms 51:12)

What has been the primary motivator or the hook that fished you out of the waters? Provision? Promise for a posh life? No worries? Peace of mind? Comfort? Assurance that everything will be ok? or something else?

Many, including me, has succumbed to these things that would draw me into loving Christ, or have thought of loving Christ. I have always been dreaming of a posh life somewhere on my high rise condo, with my shiny white car that would get me around the metro. That was what I've always been thinking of since I've been fed with things that would make me think of these, never have I considered myself as someone who was hooked because of salvation, until now.

One prayer, one cry of a king, one particular verse in Psalms 51 claims that very conviction that I have now. That particular verse in Psalms 51 has become my rock and brings me comfort that it is because of that, that I love Jesus above all.

Restore me to the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit. (Psalms 51:12 ESV)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

All Things: By Him, Through Him, For Him (Col 1:15-17)

Let’s start with questions before we dwell into the verse and how I got to understand this and also with regards to my life. So let’s go into the questions…
why do bad things happen to good people? why do bad things happen at all? if God exists then why does sin abound? why does things like murder and others happen? Where is God when family members pass away prematurely, jobs gets cut… 
These are the things that makes us raise questions about His reality to begin with. As to my life, why, in all my life being a Christian, succumb to depression to the point of complete darkness. 
more after the jump

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Man, Choices, Freedom, Slaves

I have always found myself wondering what Paul meant in Romans 7:18 "... having been set free from sin, have become slaves of righteousness". I kept on wondering about this paradox of being free from sin yet still slaves. I have always thought that freedom from sin would be freedom.

So bear with me as I try to dissect this particular verse and reach to a conclusion on what this could probably mean. I guess, by trying to look at this particular verse, we'd also get to understand if we really do have a choice in our lives and how these choices are operated. I'll probably go to another verse in Proverbs to see where plans and decisions lay.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Miami = Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus, in Greek Mythology, is the mountain where all their gods lived and ruled. Where Zeus throws his bolts of lightning to wage war at anything that goes against him. Along with him are the other gods and goddesses that ruled each of their own jurisdiction. Ares of war, Aphrodite of love, Athena of wisdom and so on.

7/8/2010, Miami Florida just became like the Mount Olympus of the NBA. This is where LeBron James decided to play after he held the whole league in hostage, breathless in anticipation of where he'll go for from this season on. This marked the most interesting off-season that the NBA may have, or may will ever experience when the biggest stars of today such as LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Amar'e, Boozer and the likes have the freedom in the world to choose where they'll end. James decided to turn his back from Cleveland and head towards Miami to form this sight.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Randomness

My documented hatred for the mindless wave that's sweeping the entire universe right now has just released the third part of their oh-so-awesome "saga" (sarcasm and air-quotes) and I just felt I'd put this Random Randomness quote I found over the interwebs. The reality of Edward Cullen.

Edward Cullen isn’t a vampire. He lives in the forest, roams around the trees, doesn’t kill people and glitters. So he is obviously a fairy.

Not a Fan but... Wow!

Never read the books, but followed all the movies (only on DVD). Can't lie that the Harry Potter series of movies is indeed one for the books (unlike the pretentious one that tagged itself a saga and also did a 2 part movie of the last book.). I'm not a fan but watching the trailer of the last film made me excited to see it on the silver screen. Check it out yourself.

Ok... but I won't lie that I love Hermo... Emma Watson.

and... shut up... you probably got excited watching the Eclipse trailer.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Currently Enjoying: Herbie Hancock (Possibilities, Imagine Project)

I grew up on my dad listening to people like Frank Sinatra, Al Jarreau and the likes. He influenced me to appreciate Jazz at an early age and have me singing New York, New York before I entered my teens. You can't blame me for having them on my iPod including the new crooners like Buble and the likes.

Lately, having searching where else have John Mayer been playing, I stumbled into this album by Herbie Hancock called "Possibilities". Then I met the piano genius. It's one of the most listened albums in my Pod not just because it featured Mayer and Sting and others, but because of the awesome things that Mr. Hancock does with his piano.

This June, after iTunes announced the release of his new one, The Imagine Project, featuring artists like India.Arie, John Legend, Dave Matthews, I didn't think twice and just hit the get on my iTunes store. And I don't regret that I even did. This just shot me back to my childhood sitting inside my dad's car while bobbing heads with him listening to Frank Sinatra's duets albums and Al Jarreau's live albums. This will certainly set me off to a Jazzy day today checking out all the other albums that I have on my extensive library.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hitler and the Vuvuzela

So what does Hitler, being with a new widescreen TV and surround sound system at home, think about the vuvuzelas?

To Die is Gain: Bol's Radical Faith

About a week ago, the NBA world was on a spotlight as the Celtics and the Lakers duked it out for the championship for the nth time. 7 epic games that added more story to the illustrious rivalry this two teams already have. But behind the curtains, little did we know about the sufferings of the man who's mostly known as the tallest player who graced the arena. Little did we know about the greatness of the man behind the circus attraction that we know of him. Little did we know of Manute Bol.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Currently Enjoying

Rarely do you encounter musical gems like Corinne Bailey Rae that would really help you soothe the weekday stress from you during a rainy Sunday night. Her tracks doesn't just let you smooth in your sheets, her album also gives you that Sade effect on you, if you know what I mean. [Now that's just for married couples].

If you got some extra dimes to spare, do check her albums out. This one I'm currently enjoying is her self titled album. Haven't got to check her new one, The Sea, yet. Will probably get it through the weekend.

Monday, June 21, 2010

What About the Prosperity Gospel?

Prosperity Gospel basically is the kind of gospel that is being preached all over the world that tells you that whatever you ask... you receive. Taking away your sight towards the cross and makes you focus on God's magical talent. No longer will you be called to repent of the sins you have committed but being invited to gain the life that you want, instead of losing it for His sake.

In this video, John Piper offers a little perspective on what he thinks about this kind of gospel. Check it out.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Game 7: Where Heart Attack Happens

And so it's all over. 48 minutes of gladiatorish back and forth battle between the Lakers and the Celtics. It's finally over with Lakers coming back from a 6 point Boston lead to turn it around in the 4th quarter for Kobe's 5th title and the Lakers 16th.

So Congratulations to you guys. Since you beat the Phoenix Suns to go the the Finals... You deserve the title more than the Celtics.

Going For The Kill: Final Game Of The Season

The Lakers and the Celtics are one of the most storied rivalries that has went through time and provided fans the match everyone is waiting for. Ever since the old Magic and Bird days, the rivalry didn't grace the Finals since KG and company reinforced Team Leprechaun last 2008 and eventually won the ring from Kobe and the Lakers. The Lakers then took the title the following year by beating a young Orlando team, and this year we're back with green and gold.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Currently Enjoying

Got to hear about these guys from the last time iTunes gave out free tunes to enjoy. I got to listen to their track 1901 which is the 2nd track on their album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. I forgot everything about them till I saw my friends tweets who was giddy about this band.

So yesterday, I gave these guys a chance. I don't regret any minute spent listening to these guys, and I advice anyone who has a wide range of music appreciation to check em out.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Diary of a LifeGroup Leader: The Battle for Staying Right in a Left-Leaning World

Humility versus Standing Firm.

For centuries possibly something more epic than what it is. Christianity, in my own observation through history and different perspective of denominations, have struggled to present what is outright right and where they stand. It varies from different doctrines from the bible to what you should wear during Sundays. And I found myself caught in the middle.

In a world right now, where relativity is the norm, It's hard to present what I believe is outright right and present what is outright wrong. I can't seem to get past the complex explanation as how the scholars have done it through their books and messages to how simple it should just be. This is where I find myself in between two contradicting essentials that believers should stand on. It's Orthodoxy and Context Simplicity. The struggle of being true, pure, right and staying that way while connecting to someone who doesn't know a single thing or have known a different kind of thing. It's my personal wrestling on Theology itself.

The Battle for staying right in a left-leaning world.

Monday, June 14, 2010


While still being coached by Ewing. Superman got himself packing to H-Town to receive more training under another Jedi Master. This time from The Dream.

Lots of training Superman needs. Learning he shall get.

Amazing Grace

After going through another season of me staying away from those that has to do anything with God, God still found me and took me back into arms. Like the shepherd who went out and looked for that lost sheep who couldn't seem to find his way back. Like a lifeguard who picked up a drowning man who couldn't will himself into safety. Like a fireman who saves a man inside a burning house. Like a Savior who draws a sinner who couldn't even think about Jesus into changing his heart to love Him back.

This hymn remains as one of the songs that doesn't fail to bring me into tears for remembering those things. Amazing grace indeed, something I did not deserve, but was still given.

This hymn was written by John Newton back in the 17th century after he found mercy while his ship was being battered by a storm. John Newton was actively participating in the slave trade back then.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Grounded Session 2: What Kind of Bread are we Seeking?

Every Friday night. Me and a bunch of friends meet up in one place to talk about Jesus and what He has and continually doing in our lives. For the following weeks, we have been going through the Bible and knowing Jesus as how the Bible portrays Him.

This is currently the 2nd message of the Grounded series we're on. And the purpose of the series would be going to the Bible and knowing the things on where we should be rooted on.

What kind of bread are we going after? Who is it all about? Am I the center of the Universe? Is it all about me? or is it about Jesus? Why do we run to him?

Big Baby Roooooth

I don't know what he saw from the stands. I don't know how good the hotdogs are in Boston. And I don't know what Big Baby was going for that Lil' Nate had to jump on his back to stop him. But Big Baby not only did want this secret thing so much, he dropped a drooly low.

Big Baby needs a Big Bib

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Machine is Back!

Back in '08 when the Lakers lost that finals series against the Celtics, these videos started to spread like virus within YouTube.

I've been expecting this one to pick up back again since the Lakers beat Phoenix to get into the NBA Finals for the third straight time and to relive the age old rivalry between the two teams.

Anyway, to lighten up the bashing of both fans, actually... not both. Here's the new video of The Machine hatin them leprechauns.

4 Years Ago

The wait is over. After four years has passed since we saw Italy beat France, we're finally back for more. Who would get to rise up among the 32 nations to lift up the gold in South Africa?

Who would be the next nation to hold the World Cup?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random Randomness

A friend just popped this on my messenger this morning.
And it inspired me to post the first of my Random Randomness posts on my blog.
Couldn't help but laugh after imagining the thought of this certain ballers aspirations back when he was a prep star.

So in Eddy Curry's expense... my first of probably many Random Randomness posts.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Project Sexy Beast Wrap Up

To those that are following the Project Sexy Beast outline before... here's the results.
I'm still undergoing maintenance on the diet, but not much activities lately since I'm running on a tight budget.

But here's the outlook.

I started the plan around January 2010. You'll see a picture on how I looked before. Waist line was at 36 and everything I wore was on a Large size. And I weighed in on around 180 lbs.

When I finished the whole plan at around March 2010, everything went down. I'm starting to wear Small sized shirts now and waist line is at 32. I now weigh in at around 157-160lbs.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Walkway: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross 2010

This Holy Week, why don't you swing by Bonifacio High Street and check out Walkway and reflect through the stations of the Cross.

And also, dont miss the concert on April 4, 7pm featuring the artists of the contemporary album Are You Listening?

Inquirer Article featuring Walkway

Monday, March 29, 2010

13/52 A Day in The Life

13-52 A Day in The Life, originally uploaded by marcogol.

For my 13th entry, I'll post this picture that I took during my 4 day vacation in Camarines Sur.

These boatmen know nothing more but serve people who would need to travel by water. Even through the roughest waves, these guys would really go around the boat barefooted trying to keep the whole thing stable.

They'll lean on the beams to counter waves and do everything else to keep your trip memorable.

To them I give this salute... may you be blessed with more tourists to serve.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

12/52 Companions

12/52 Companions, originally uploaded by marcogol.

“Doctrine and theology are always meant to be applied to our lives - to shape and reshape not only a statement of faith but also the practical decisions of how we think and act.”
— Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris


one night I prayed
for everything to be layed
that if it's not for me
would He just let it be

I could only take so much
It's already hard without her touch
I thought things would pick up a notch
only to be brought down as such

That night I prayed
the next day things were said
I thought there's something there
it felt good, I layed it all bare

Impatient, maybe
But things were needed to be
So that you and I could see
That, I truly love thee

But now I think I understand
where both of us chose to stand
we're not on the same land
our hearts, yours and mine can't seem to blend

I just have to make peace with reality
For there's nothing more to wait and see
Now I'll just have to pray for thee
Like me, I would like you to be free


While checking my notebook of drafts and unfinished poems, I happen to pass by this particular one, re-read it and checked it out.

I'm usually a fan of my own work, but a bit meh on the 2nd to the last stanza. But whatever haha... At least it got it's own resolve.

Hope you like it!


Monday, March 15, 2010

11-52 Shifting Control

11-52 Shifting Control, originally uploaded by marcogol.

This shot was inspired by one of my Flickr Contacts, Paul.

And since this was basically this weeks trend in my walk in life, why not pay a tribute about it.

For the past months (probably this whole year) it has been nothing but a wild goose chase for my 'own' desires. And during these chase I've forgotten who I am and who I was designed to be.

I've mixed my own will and flexed my own muscles after these 'wants' and that lead me to compromise even the very standards that defined me of who I am as a follower of Christ.

It lead me to nothing but emptiness and being numb to the point that I begged for a feeling from none other but Him.

From there on then... I've relinquished control of my life and set aside my desires of my own.

Used to be the commander-in-chief of my pimp ship flying high.

Everything that I am is surrendered and control over this life is no longer mine. I decided right there and then that I'd trust Him more and let Him work on me for the betterment of me, and the people around me.

With that... here's my 11th entry of my Project 52 for 2010...
"Shifting Control"

Thursday, March 11, 2010

10-52 Brewing Storm

10-52 Storm Brewing, originally uploaded by marcogol.

This is a picture I took during my niece's birthday last year.

I forgot to take one during the weekend because I kinda left the camera here in the condo.

Anyway I just saw this while I was browsing for pictures and kinda liked it so here's the delayed 10th entry for my project 52.

A Brewing Storm

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10, 2010: Post Birthday Weigh In

2nd week of march.

No Workout during the 1st week of March since I was sick with cough and colds.
Food trip since it was my birthday week.

Weighing in today was scary.
In this video I tell why.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Edge of Twenty Four (The Soundtrack)

Morning Rituals at 5:00 am

24 - Switchfoot

Meant To Live - Switchfoot

This is Your Life - Switchfoot

More Than Fine - Switchfoot

Dare You To Move - Switchfoot— this is where I got off the bed to prepare breakfast (Wheat Bread with Mustard Spread and Yakult to kick it off)

Good Times - Tommy Lee

The Best of What’s Around - Dave Matthews Band

Better Man - Pearl Jam

Reminiscing December 09 (yes friend, this about you hehe)

Back to You - John Mayer

With or Without You - U2

Shimmer - Fuel

Bad Day - Fuel

All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye - John Mayer

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room - John Mayer

Dreaming With A Broken Heart - John Mayer

So Long, So Long - Dashboard Confessional

Grace Is Gone - Dave Matthews Band

Space Between - Dave Matthews

Walking Away - Craig David

I’m Gonna Find Another You - John Mayer

Breaking off the hook at January 09 and Marco V2.0

Love Song For No One - John Mayer

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For - U2

In Repair - John Mayer

Beautiful Day - U2

With A Little Help From My Friends - The Beatles

I Am - Nichole Nordeman — How can I forget the great I AM during my reversioning. If it wasn’t for HIM I’d still be broken and in the dumps! Props to you Big G!

With A Smile - Eraserheads

Love Me Sexy - Jackie Moon

I’ve Just Seen A Face - The Beatles

Hey Beautiful - The Solids

Edge of Twenty Four

Technically we're way past the edge of 24 but just for traditions sake, let's push through with this. I'm already looking at the dawn of 25 but what the heck.

What can I say about 24? It really had alot of ups and downs for me. Well lets recollect what happened during the past year.

After a depressing end with my tenure with my old job, I left them on the same week of my birthday last year to head on to my new family here at Theorem. I could never ask for a better decision on my part. Even when I took a cut on pay, I can't replace the warm acceptance that my new family gave me. They didn't just give me a new job, or a new purpose, they gave me a bigger room to grow and improve myself both as a professional and a person. I can't believe that it's already been a year with the guys... to them I raise my glass.

To my life group, who is sharing my journey in knowing Christ with me, here's a toast for you. For the past few years I've been losing meaning and purpose in walking in this wonderful planet. I've known and found my purpose in God and in the same way lost my way as trials came in. I could never ask for anyone else but my group of friends in southcity church who keeps on holding my head up high when I can't carry em anymore. To the Monday Night Ball peeps, my Friday Night Lifegroup, to the Holy Band of Sausages! I raise my glass with you... you guys are the Jack Bauer on my 24.

To my dear friend... I could never ask for anyone to love, and wouldn't regret any decision I made this year. I've never felt anything for anyone but with you. You were the Robin to this Ted... But we all know that even good things has to end. Things were broken, but they'll eventually heal. People hurt, but will eventually understand. Thank you for being there, thank you for being a big part of my journey. Thank you for staying you. Even if things didn't end up great with us (too bad for you hahaha) well we eventually did end up as awesome friends didn't we? So in the end nobody lost. You're still that girl that got away hehe... 24 peaked at the right time, climaxed at the most climactic fashion (what?) and yeah... I meant every single word that I said. Broken but healed, some things just needs to be ended right... and here's a glass raised for being awesome friends! *cheers*

To my family. I love you guys! I wouldn't exchange you guys even for being Heff's number 2 guy. You guys are the best! Mom and Dad, you're the best parents/friends that a busno could ever have. My Kuya's and Ate... I could never ask for anyone to guide me with my decisions than you. I'm a better man because of you guys. You're the people I really look up to, and hope to become as well. Thanks for everything, and most of all giving me a space on your condo! Loving it here!

To what lies ahead. All I can say to what lies ahead is... are you ready for Marco DJ v2.0?
Marco lite (now with less fat)
THE Sexy Beast himself (not quite yet)
Are you ready?

So here it goes... taking the last steps in being 24 and jumping on to apparently-not-my-quarter-life 25.

3...2...1... *poof*

PS: Thanks for greeting me first! by doing that you already made a blast out of my birthday!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

9/52 Good Morning Skyline

9/52 Good Morning Skyline, originally uploaded by marcogol.

So I got up early with my camera here in the condo. I whipped in my new polarizers and tried em out on the Ortigas Skyline that can be viewed from our window.

So here's the Ortigas Skyline along with the summer sunrise.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The JuJu: The Luck that is Juwan Howard

I've had this theory inside my pockets since I realized that every team that Juwan Howard played in ended up in shambles no matter how good they were. I wouldn't even try to explain how I would eventually point the finger to Juwan Howards bad luck regarding the controversial timeout that Webber called in that Fab 5 team. So lets try to backtrack how Howard did with his teams throughout his career.

Washington 94-2000
Juwan Howard was drafted 14th overall by the Washington Bullets in 94-95. He played very well along side former Fab 5 teammate, Chris Webber. During the 95-96 season, everyone thought that they'll finally make some post season run with Howard, Webber, rookie Rasheed Wallace and veterans Robert Pack and Mark Price. But then it suddenly happend. Webber, Price and Pack missed almost the entire season due to injuries causing the Bullets to miss the playoffs with the 39-43 record. They made the playoffs the following year but ended up being swept by the Bulls. They continued to miss playoffs year after year that eventually led to the trade of Chris Webber for Mitch Richmond. They continued to miss the playoffs which then made Michael Jordan make a blockbuster trade that sent Juwan to Dallas in the 2000-2001 season.

Dallas 2000-2002
His first season in Dallas was great. They ended to get beat by San Antonio in the conference semi-finals 4-1 so I had nothing against JuJu in this season. To top it off this was the season that saw the Mavericks playoff drought end. The Mavs followed the season with another successful run that saw them get beat by the Sacramento Kings in the conference semi-finals.

But Juwan never saw that post season because he was traded to Denver during the trade deadline that year.

Denver 02-03
He joined the scrappy lineup of the Nuggets that year that consisted him, Ryan Bowen, Calbert Cheaney, George McCloud and James Posey. They didn't go far with 27-55 that season.

The 2002-2003 was much worse, although they did get Nene that year, they still ended up with a lowly 17-65 record.

Orlando 03-04
He was then signed by the Orlando Magic as a free agent during the 03-04 season. Along with Andrew DeClerq, Tracy McGrady, DeShawn Stevenson and Tyronn Lue they brought the Magic to reach their final straw with their T-Mac experiment and opted to go for Stevie Franchise during the offseason after seeing their team finish up with a 21-61 record.

He was then traded to the Houston Rockets along with T-Mac for Francis and Mobely. The Magic then drafted Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson that same year. The Magic went on with their lives, successful after they traded away Juwan Howard

Houston 04-07
The Rockets started the new era with a blast ending the regular season with a 51-31 record with T-Mac and Yao on the helm. However, they didn't go past the 1st round of the playoffs to the Dallas Mavericks after leading the series 2-0 in seven games. T-Mac playoff curse? or the Juwan Howard curse all over again?

The following season (05-06) was a typical Juwan Howard season for any of his team. T-Mac and Yao missed a total of 70 games that year, which saw them finish the season with a 34-48.

The Rockets improved to 52 wins (06-07) and made the playoffs again only to see themselves get ripped out by the Jazz in seven games.

Juwan Howard was then traded to the Minesotta Timberwolves for Mike James and Justin Reed. My theory is that KG knew what to do when Juwan comes to town... bolt out. KG went to the Celtics that year and won the Championship. Juwan was waived by the wolves and picked up by the Mavericks a month later.

Dallas 07-08
In a typical Juwan Howard fashion. The Mavs went in the playoffs that year, and eventually lost to the Hornets 4 games to 1.

Denver/Charlotte 08-09
Denver signed him during the off season but was released shortly because of the Allen Iverson trade. He joined the Bobcats, and we all know what became of the Bobcats that year, they ended up with 35 wins.

Denver on the other hand went on to top the Northwest division with 54-28.

Portland 09-10
And this is where Juwan Howard is in full bloom.

Portland signed Juwan Howard for a 1 year contract. And it's been weird for Portland so far.

The Trail Blazers are experiencing a revival from their 'Jail Blazers' era and with Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden finally being looked on to start and finish the season well the Blazers (like the Wizards of old) is in full hope to reach far in the playoffs this year. With their solid lineup, and deep bench that boasts of players like Rudy Fernandez, Nicolas Batum, Jerryd Bayless, Martell Webster, Travis Outlaw and veteran Andre Miller the Portland faithful would really dream, and dream big.

They forgot they had Juwan Howard locked deep on their bench. And we all know that Juwan Howard doesn't get locked down on anyones bench.

The Blazers then experienced a plague that no one, not even Ramses can ever fathom.

Nicolas Batum, Brandon Roy, Travis Outlaw, Greg Oden, Joel Pryzbilla are the few names that they saw go down this season. Not to mention the brief absence of LaMarcus Aldridge and the recent addition Marcus Camby (who I warned about Juwan Howard) also tweaked his ankle yesterday.

I'm telling you, with the string of early playoff exits, injured stars and other stuff along with it. Any team should be careful when signing Juwan Howard. I won't be surprised if Portland exits the playoffs early this year. Juwan, wherever he is will strike and strike again.

This is the case of the bad JuJu that follows Howard throughout his career.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

8-52 Gadget Town

8-52 Gadget Town, originally uploaded by marcogol.

8:52 Gadget Town

This morning I just took my camera out inside my room to test check the batteries out for my nephews baptism later.

I saw my phone and iPod sitting right next to my laptop and decided to just take a shot at em.

Here's a tribute to the stuff that helps me get through work and workouts.

Here's to the tripod of DJ Gadgetry.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shaq is the Real Grizzly

Every morning, during the NBA Games I just flip open my laptop to check the scores and the players that perform hopefully scouting some new blood to bring in my fantasy teams.

There'll be surprises here and there like New Orleans Darren Collison, or the performance of Washington's Bash Brothers, JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche or who'll be collectively known as JaVandray McGlatche. But nothing woke me up at 9:40 am like this image that I'll about to post.

Once in a while Y! Sports will give you some laughs with the box score that they post. Anyone of you out there remember the DNP - Old Age that Y! Sports posted when Robert Horry missed games due to Old Age? Well that was fun. Today the Miami - Memphis box score in Y! Sports made me leap out of my seat. They surely posted a picture of the real Grizzly against the Heat. Without much further ado... here's the screenshot of the brilliant Hullaballoo.

Friday, February 19, 2010

NBA Trade D-Day 2010

You might be wondering about the Cavs logo? I just found this one cooler than the new one

The NBA Trade Deadline is closing up fast and everyone seems to be either beefing their teams up for the coming playoffs or trimming down for the coming off-season-extravaganza for draft picks or cap space. So here's a pretentious analyst trying to give his thoughts about the trades that has gone so far. Don't worry, some of my thoughts came from other peoples thoughts too, reworded and rephrased probably to make it seem like my own. So trust that they're still professionally analyzed by the professionals.

... Of course I'll quote them...

Caron Butler to Dallas

The trading spree kicked off right after the All-Star weekend when we saw Dallas made some calls to bring 2 time All-star Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood (Stevenson is part of this deal, but wouldn't it be easier if we just involved those who are significant?) to the Mavericks for Drew Gooden, Josh Howard and a couple more guys who won't pass significance... ok maybe James Singleton would do.

This trade gave Dallas the big man they needed (but chose to start Dampier anyway) and another prolific scorer that Jason Kidd can dish to. Adding these players to their already beefed up roster (still lost to OKC on day 1) will really add more points on the Dallas score board. I somehow remember the Don Nelson era where Dallas pretty much gave so many points but scored more. That team had big names on each position during that time, off the top of my head they had Nash, Jamison, Dirk, LaFrentz, 'Toine Walker (yeah they were significant back then) and many many more.

But even with this bulked up starting 5, I don't see how they can rise up on the Western Conference pedestal against proven bigs like Denver and the Lakers. But lets see as the 2nd half of the season progresses. I might have my foot up my mouth by the end of it.

Camby to the Blazers

A few days after, Marcus Camby was once again involved in a surprise trade that he didn't know of until the last minute with Portland. Camby was sent to Portland for Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake. The Clippers had to make space to give their budding Jordan guy some playing time and helped the Blazers solve their big man problem after losing Pryz-zilla and Benjamin Oden (together known as Joreg Pryzboden as Bill Simmons brilliantly named in his book The Book of Basketball) for the season.

Given my conspiracy theory that Juwan Howard had something to do with the injuries, I won't be surprised that they'll lose Marcus Camby to some freak injury as well. I still believe that Juwan Howard is that desperate to gain some playing time thus sending good ol' Joreg to the infirmary. This happened in Houston too when Yao Ming and Dikembe fell during the stretch of the post season.

Juwan Howard is still lurking among Portland's locker room so... I'll probably be careful with Marcus Camby.

Kidding aside, this trade will help the Blazers big time. They're really in need of some defensive anchor/vet to help out their talented young core of Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge. Maybe you could also add Bayless there.

Antawn Jamison to the Cavs

Washington is seriously dumping their clogged up payroll and Cleveland is in desperate need to do something to "fix" something that ain't broke. After sending off Caron Butler to the Mavs, they also shipped the 2nd big of their big 3, Jamison to the Cavs. This trade also involved the Clippers who're suddenly being tagged as geniuses after seeing Al Thornton and Sebastian Telfair out their roster to clear up some cap space.

So to simplify this one out this is how the trade broke down.

The Washington Wizards sends Antawn Jamison to Cleveland and newly acquired Drew Gooden to the Clippers. They'll receive Big Z, and the draft rights of some European guy from Cleveland and Al Thornton from the Clippers.

The Los Angeles Clippers also gave out Sebastian Telfair to the Cavaliers.

The Cavs won 13 out of 14 games before heading into the all-star break. They're on the top of the NBA standings with a 43-11 record and they're desperately looking for an upgrade they didn't need.

What they're doing is sending LeBron James a message that they'll take care of him and his hometown team since LBJ is going to have an interesting off season when we see his contract end with the Cavs.

The addition of Jamison surely gave the Cavs a big lift to bag the 2010 NBA crown. Their only threat in the league are Kobe's LA Lakers who they managed to beat twice during the regular season. But we all know what Mamba can do during the post season. This is an interesting playoff year for the NBA and we'll surely see the matchup between the games biggest titans.

Kobe vs LeBron.

Hats off to Cleveland GM Danny Ferry on this one. Phoenix GM Steve 'the moron' Kerr should take notes on from this guy and Portland GM Kevin Pritchard.

Kevin Martin to the Rox

Tracy McGrady to the Knicks

After that messy 3-team trade here's another one that would eventually lead to another 3 team trade.

Yesterday's events kicked off with us seeing Kevin Martin shipped off to Houston for Tracy McGrady and Carl Landry.

This deal changed this morning to involve the NY Knicks. Here's how the deal broke down as narrated by Y! Sports

The Rockets will get Kevin Martin from Sacramento, Jared Jeffries and Jordan Hill from New York.

The Knicks will get Sacramento PG Sergio Rodriguez, who might start as PG for Mike D'antoni, after all he was drafted by the 'stashed coach for the Suns, and Tracy McGrady from the Rockets.

The Kings gets scrappy forward Carl Landry who might see improved minutes since the Kings needs some serious offensive post presence, Joey Dorsey and Knicks guard Larry Hughes.

This is a perfect example of a win-win-win situation. By unloading Jarred Jeffries and Larry Hughes, the Knicks certainly cleared up more space for the upcoming FAxtravaganza in the off-season. They also got a name that would help them look exciting for the rest of this season in TMac. Everyone in the fantasybasketball world are going gaga over their waiver wires right now because Mike D'Antoni and Tracy McGrady just makes alot of scoring sense. I just don't know how much sense that would make.

Houston on the other hand added another scrappy forward for their scrappy team in the form of Jarred Jeffries and the young Jordan Hill. They surely lose one of their center pieces, 6th man Carl Landry on the trade but gained a young Reggie Miller-esque type of player in Kevin Martin. In a team full of role players (Ariza, Battier, Scola, Hayes, and now Jeffries) I'm expecting Kevin Martin to really loosen up in this scrappy team and bring his fire power to boost the Rox for a brighter future when Yao Ming returns.
The Rox also acquires challenged big man Hilton Armstrong from the Kings.

The Kings got what they wanted in this trade. They got rid of Kevin Martin who seriously couldn't play alongside their young stud, Tyreke Evans. They got the Power Forward they always wanted Sean May to become in Carl Landry and as bonus, they also got someone to use off the bench in the form of Larry Hughes and to sweeten it up more, he has his expiring contract along with him. It won't do much this year, but with the young core of Tyreke Evans, Jason Thompson, Omri Casspi, and now Carl Landry, the Kings could eventually get out of the NBA's vaunted underworld. Not to mention they might also get some high picks on this coming NBA Draft.

for shultz and giggles... Kryptonate to the Celtics

Not much is happening here. I just wanted to comment on my ironic theory of how desperate (like the Cavs were) the Celtics are in defeating the Orlando Magic. They hired Kryptonate to counter Superman. And another theory... along with Nate they also got his 3rd slam dunk title as addition to their hardware this year. Which would be what the Celtics (Pierce) would be bragging about by the end of the season since they'll end up empty handed.

Celtics gave New York Eddie House, JR Giddens and high-flyer Bill Walker for Nate Robinson, and brawler Mardy Collins.

And a quick rundown of other trades that happened around the league...

Utah trades Ronnie Brewer to Memphis for a future 1st Round Pick
-- this leaves some playing room for rookie Wesley Matthews

Chicago trades John Salmons to Milwaukee in exchange for Hakim Warrick, and Joe Alexander
-- seriously give Vanilla Sky (Joe Alexander) some playing time

Chicago trades Tyrus Thomas to Charlotte for Acie Law and Flip Murray
-- Bobcats win!

San Antonio trades Theo Ratliff to Charlotte for cash
-- yawn.

New York trades Darko Milicic to Minesotta for Brian Cardinal
-- Detroits number 2 pick over Wade, Bosh, Melo, Kaman becomes a journey man.

Washington trades Dominic McGuire to Sacramento for a future 2nd rounder
-- Kings gets another warm body that can produce

Thats all folks! Lets see how these trades materialize during the remainder of the season.

*most trades arent finalized yet in Y! Sports but other sites already reported it to be as done deal

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here’s what I think of Danny Ferry and the Cleveland Cavaliers

I don’t know. I’m just sour with the way they’re offering bullshit deals around the league. I know they’re salary cap relief but I just find it shitty to see deals for Top Tier players like Amar’e Stoudemire, Antawn Jamison or even Troy Murphy for players like… Big Z and JJ “who?” Hickson.

At least give these teams someone they could go with going forward… and not just some money relief… sheesh.

I hope Cleveland crashes and burns.

F*ck You Kerr

This is why I hate Steve Kerr.

Since the dawn of time (or at least I got to understand basketball). I've always followed the Phoenix Suns. For those of you who don't know who the Suns are, they're the team that reinvented the Run & Gun style of play within this decade. They're the team that had good highs and super bad lows. They're the franchise that held players like Charles Barkley, Jason Kidd, the bad version of Anfernee Hardaway, Steve Nash, Amar'e Stoudemire, the good version of Shawn Marion, and apparently John "Hot Rod" Williams throughout history. Even with those host of names, they didn't get far through the post season.

For the last 3 years, the Suns have experienced some kind of success after going for another run with Steve Nash, who bagged back-2-back MVP awards during his return in Phoenix.

Now picture this for me. For those seasons, the Suns had "Eyes on the Prize" going on their huge screen in their arena connoting their dream of bagging the championship (this is before the Lakers acquired Pau Gasol for a box of Skittles). Everyone is fired up for the Suns finally bagging an NBA title since the previous season almost pushed us through. This is when the Suns was the #1 team in the West. During the 2005 NBA Playoffs we saw the Suns surge past Memphis and Dallas only to be beaten by the eventual Champions, the Spurs 4 games to 1 in the Western Conference Finals. The following year had the Suns surge through another tough post season after beating the Lakers in 7, the Clippers in 7 and only to lose against the team that I hate most... the Dallas Mavericks in 6.

Those years would've been perfect for the Suns. They wouldve had the Pistons in 2005 and the Heat in 2006. In 2007, the Suns had another good run in the post season after going an easy round with the Lakers in 5 games but bowing down against the Spurs in 6. And in 2008, we saw Boston beef their roster up when they added KG and Ray Allen and the Lakers went for Pau Gasol for a bullshit trade that involved Kwame Brown. The Suns got Shaq that year by the way and from there on... everything went south. I won't even start with the bullshit move that made Terry Porter last seasons head coach. The guy couldn't even get a decent run as the coach of Milwaukee for crying out loud.

No more title dreams for this team. No more hopes, heck the transactions after that year didn't even matter. This season the Suns manage to strengthen their roster while adding Earl Clark and Taylor Griffin from the draft, signing Channing Frye and Jarron Collins. These are the names that you would want to see to believe that your team is going for a championship. We gave away Shaq to Cleveland for Pavlovic and Big Ben who didn't even see the light of day with the team. And now, the Suns are busy looking for a shitty deal to see Amar'e Stoudemire out their locker room.

I mean cmon!!! I don't know what this management is doing with this franchise. Usually when teams blow it up, they blow it up, going for draft picks and young pieces. The Suns? They're looking for a f*cking money relief with their trades! We don't have 1st round picks next year because they gave it away along with Kurt Thomas to OKC for money. We just acquired Minesottas 2nd round pick this year by trading away Alando Tucker to them for Hart and that pick. Is Kerr even looking forward for the future?

Anyway, since I'm not looking forward for any post season success for the Suns this year, I won't even care who wins. Actually I do, as long as it aint Cleveland or Dallas. So I'll end my rant with this... Steve Kerr's transactions and acquisitions during his tenure as the Suns GM. Facts and images courtesy of the Bright Side of the Sun.

2007 Draft

2007 FA Signings

2007 Transactions

  • Traded Kurt Thomas and 2008, 2010 1st round draft picks to Seattle (OKC) for future second round pick and cash

2008 Transactions

2008 Draft

2008 FA Signings

2008 Transactions


During Season

  • Fired Terry Porter, named Alvin Gentry head coach
  • Signed Strowmile Swift


  • Signed Channing Frye
  • Re-Signed Grant Hill
  • Extended Steve Nash
  • Signed Jarron Collins

2009 Draft

2009-2010 Season

  • Traded Alando Tucker, a second round pick and cash to Minnesota for Jason Hart (waived)
  • Signed Jarron Collins for the rest of the season

Sunday, February 14, 2010

7-52 What Lies Behind

7-52 What Lies Behind, originally uploaded by marcogol.

My brother just celebrated his birthday lately. He just turned 34 and I can't even start telling what he's gone through.

So for him I dedicate this photo.

We all have our baggages, our pasts, and basically our lives behind us. What can we do with it? We can't carry it all our lives, we can only look back at it, learn and prepare for what lies ahead.

For my 7th week, here's my photo entitled: What lies behind

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

161 lbs: Call for Change

Now that I'm clocked in at 161 lbs and almost everything is trimmed down from where I was when we started. Too bad I didn't take a picture of myself when I began to showcase where I am right now. Maybe Men's Health Phils should check me out haha.

Anyway, here's my current workout schedule on top of my daily 30-35 min brisk walking from work and coming home.

Monday - Basketball
Tuesday - Boxing
Wednesday - Boxing
Thursday - Boxing
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Basketball
Sunday - Rest

Everything is trimmed down. My weight went down from 178 or 180lbs to where I am now... at 161lbs. Everything is great, I feel light, and the buttons on my shirts aren't popping out. Despite those changes, I'm still not satisfied. I still have these flabs around me. This is why at this point I'm adding a little more body weight lifting in my regiment. Operation Sculpting is now in effect.

Mornings would begin with my usual 5 min ab-workout that includes:

1 minute front planks
1 minute right side plank
1 minute left side plank
1 minute crunches
1 minute reverse crunches

I'm adding 3 sets of 12 rep push ups with 30 sec rest period in between sets. This will help me build some muscle mass to help me eat up the remaining flabs I have on me.

On top of that I'm adding 3 sets of 15 rep squats with 30 sec rest period in between sets too. This would also help me out with burning more calories and start the day right.

Before the day ends I'll repeat a lighter set of that ab work out that instead of 1 minute of each, I'll just do 30-40 seconds of each. Pushups would still be there along with the squats. These would happen after the workouts.

Since we're in operation sculpting, I'm looking to change my weekly workout routine to this.

Monday - Basketball
Tuesday - Boxing
Wednesday - Swimming
Thursday - Boxing
Friday - Rest
Saturday AM - Weight Lifting
Saturday PM - Basketball
Sunday PM - Weight Lifting

I'm not sure yet if i'm going to enroll myself in a gym (per session base) or just stick with my weights at home and body weight lifting.

My diet would still be intact. With a little of 2 months left before my summer season begins, I'm looking forward to at least trim out the belly that I've carried on me since my youth. Let's see how things would go with this new workout plan.

Suit Down!

Drooling over the new Canon Camera

Canon unveils the new Rebel camera that they'll come up with this year.

And with my current camera being 6 years old, maybe I'd look into getting this one by the end of this year.

I tried my friends 7D and I immediately fell in love with the video capture of these cameras. Hopefully they're the same with the 550D.

It's coming out on March 2010, along with the $1000 price tag with it ($800 for just the body) I might just splurge on this thing before new year comes swinging.

Day 21 and Day 27 Pre Feast and Post Feast

I haven't been up to date with my vlogs lately. Just been busy with the workouts aswell. And last weekend, I was busy with eating too.

Friday me and my friends went up to Tagaytay for a feast! Before, I usually end up having food coma after eating at Splendido.
Of course, I got my favorite there, Chorizo Carbonara and their Paella which has always been the bomb!

Saturday I went out and didn't go through my usual basketball night (same goes this sat since I got 2 shoots and my brothers birthday)

Sunday I rested

Monday basketball was cancelled. Instead replaced by the HSausages gathering which had me eating Steak!!! (not a whole slab though) but enough to make my intestines feeling all ripped out.

So here's the videos of the Pre Feast and the Post Feast.

Day 21: Post Boxing, Pre Feast

Day 27: Post Feast Morning Weigh in on my Wii Fit

HELLZ YEAH! 161.5 BABY!!!!! 1.5 more for glory!!!!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Random Musings

I'm confident, I'm trying to be a 'Yes Man'. So date went successful last Saturday, and I'm looking forward for another one. Maybe within this week or the next since I already have a packed weekend full of shoots (so much for being a hobby photographer...).

But somehow... why don't I trust myself in this...

Or maybe I'm just overthinking again... because the last thing that I want in my hands would be a broken heart. Just thinking out loud along with my random musings.

Ah... Battle Studies indeed.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Diet Principles

from Mens Health Magazine

To lose weight and change your shape, you have to raise your metabolic rate to burn more calories, even when you're not exercising. One of the main ways to keep your metabolism stoked is by constantly feeding it. If you eat six times a day -- in the form of three meals and three snacks -- you'll stay satisfied and free of cravings while avoiding the daily metabolic highs and lows that make you more likely to overeat.

6-52 The New Workout Plan

6-52 The New Workout Plan, originally uploaded by marcogol.

6/52: The New Workout Plan

Summer is rushing in. 25th year of existence is also a month away. It's about time to make some changes.

For the past few weeks I've been religiously following up my workout plan and It's been working out well as of late. My clothes are starting to wear me, and I'm already having a hard time selecting what clothes to wear for either work or casual night outs.

With that effort, I dedicate this week for that. I took several shots of my trusty weights here at home that would help me sculpt this new body that I'm sporting.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Urban Dictionary'd My Name

Marco (noun).

Someone that is of extreme greatness. Often considered as a god in some religions. Also means cool.

God damn I wish I was like Marco!

It Just Occured to Me...

That I'm turning 25 in a months time...

what are the implications of turning 25...

My status as my dad's dependent in our country club memberships will enter its last year (no more free facility use and free fareway fees)

I'm officially in my Mid-twenty's

Officially on my Quarter Life

I'm 5 years away from turning 30

(insert dark ominous soundtrack here)

Day 19-20 Vlogs

Good day all.

I'm a bit delayed on my vlogs, so I'll just upload day 19 and 20 all in all.

Day 19: Weekend Roundup

Day 20: 6am Weigh In (5 more to go!!!)

Day 20: Post Workout Exhaustion

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Rule of Two (The Wingman Philosophy)

The Rule of Two, what is it? What does it had to do with Project Sexy Beast? Uhm, I don't know... I thought it would just be cool to name out something... NO! In fact, it has everything to do with it.

The Project Sexy Beast is something that no man can do alone. You must need someone to bring along the ride with you. This is a challenging challenge right off the bat, so you need to dare and challenge someone to have this challenge challenged! You need a partner, a sidearm, a sidekick, a wingman. Off the annals of history, right before Lapu-Lapu defended the shores of the country against foreign objects, The Rule of Two was written.

Men, by nature, needs to be challenged, motivated, pushed… or be proven right. The Rule of Two is designed to do that very thing, and like what was said about 100 or so letters before this one, going through Project Sexy Beast needs this rule, The Rule of Two.

Project Sexy Beast is like life, in fact… Project Sexy Beast (or what henceforth be known as PSB) is life itself. It breathes by itself, it has its own identity, it is an entity on its own and that should be carefully treaded on. That being said, no one goes through PSB alone. Going through PSB alone would mean compromise every step of the way, it means that you’ll have a cheat day… PSB doesn’t have cheat days, PSB doesn’t have compromise written on its vocabulary, PSB lives and breathes as a dictator for your success and awesomeness to become THE Sexy Beast yourself.

The Rule of Two, is just simple. The Rule of Two’s gist is to have someone go through PSB together. This ensures that the two of you are going through the same thing together. Like I said, PSB is a tough nut to crack, it’s strict, and it deprives you of life’s pleasure, using your taste buds. With this rule applied, you will make sure the 10 commandments of PSB is followed especially the 9th (do not covet your neighbors food). This person should be as serious as you are and you should be as serious as the other person is. This is a partnership, a fellowship, a Jedi and Padawan… or it’s more of a Sith Lord and an Apprentice. Since PSB has an agreed deadline and goal… at the end of it all, there shall only be one Sexy Beast.

There’s no known directive or guidelines on how The Rule of Two is applied, all throughout history, The Rule of Two is unique in every application. In some occasions the rule is applied with a big bet along with it, in this way, the Sexy Beast will not only acquire the title, but have gained a prize for him/herself too. There are also known occasions that the rule is applied with morbidity having one kill another for the title (since there shall only be one in the end). This was written in the annals of what is beyond this world, in fact it’s from a galaxy far far away. A person who was formerly known as Anakin Skywalker killed the Sexy Beast of their time who was known as Palpatine who is also known as Sidious. Sidious did this with his master Plagueis too. The rule was also applied during the time of Maverick and Goose where Maverick made Goose appear to have met an accident during an exercise fly around the gulf. Goose never reached back the Aircraft Carrier alive, Maverick in the end challenged another Sexy Beast of another group who was called IceMan. PSB and the application of this rule goes hand in hand, it also consumes you as you go through the path of Sexy Beastdom, so I advice to tread carefully.
I will leave you with the guidelines of The Rule of Two.
Guidelines for The Rule of Two
1. The rule of two is bound upon the timeline and goals set under the article of the PSB guidelines.
2. There shall only be two people involved under the rule of two.
3. The two people that are involved in this agreement should be going through PSB at the same time with agreed goals and timelines.
4. You can be creative on what agreements that will befall between two parties with the application of this rule.
5. The rules that were agreed upon should be followed strictly and should have punishments ready for the failing party of the rule.
6. Honesty is vital.
7. Any party that is guilty of holding out the truth should be punished accordingly.
8. Any side bets made outside the rule of two is allowed for extra motivation.
9. Be careful of the other party for this rule will really bring out the worst of any person. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
10. In the end of the PSB’s timeline… there shall only be one.
Good luck! Stay Healthy! Stay Sexy!

Random Musings

I think what makes fairy tales or any love story so special is because the people involved in it never took part on how it began… It just happened.

A meeting at a corner…

Eyes connecting when after a parting of a sea of people…

A bump in the supermarket…

An old meeting…

I guess part of holding on to these things would really make you practice patience… yes patience… 24 years (almost 25)… I’m still patient…

Question for myself… am I really patient? or holding out on myself?

If only I know how to just drop things instantly and walk away... Life would be peachy.