Friday, February 18, 2005

And This Two Shall Pass

two souls drawn out from a far
both the same, and w/ broken hearts
two souls from different worlds apart
both combined under one wishing star

different souls, different characters
she might be his answer, his next chapter
different souls who shares joy and laughter
both the same, dreaming for ever after

different signs, different lines
both hits the spot, each other likes
one is a dreamer thats still in his flight
the other one is grounded, still willing to fight

this may come out of the blue
but the two shares something, no need for clues
dont blame him if he falls for you
like she said, she always gives them the cue

and if he ever do fall in love
hopefully she considers what he said above
and if he's wrong about this love
he promises to flee, flee peacefully like a dove

for i know he wont take it too fast
because i know he wants it to last
and if the two of them gets a chance
i'll tell you that this two shall pass...

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Great Escape

green pastuers and flower beds
on a day so fine, i could rest my head
calm, and tranquil in this land of mine
sit down and relax, come drink my wine

you could be here, and be a boss
you chose not to, very well not my loss
ill stay here, too bad it could be us
not my fault, you made your choice

cool is the breeze that touches my cheeks
on warm and clear waters i rest my feet
so long i asked for this, so long ive waited
and now im near, but i feel ive melted

time and time again, id go here to unwind
lay and relax i start to clear my mind
i dont need you, im fine alone
no longer a dog to fetch your bone

few more weeks, i start to count
more reasons i start to pout
nearing this time i longed
even in soltitude, where i still belong

and like i told you, im not sad
life is so beautiful, no reason to feel bad
and in writing, im smiling like a young lad
just by telling you about this dream i had...

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Untitled III

few roads i took,
back and forth ive looked
so far ive never reached the end to close my book

years and years ive searched
for one love i yearned
and all those calls that i know you never heard

my life is shook
since the day my heart you took
so hard to even give myself a look

with a few more words i wish to send
for i am nothing more, im spent
as i wish that this time you'll listen

i leave with nothing more to say
before i pass out, and lay
i still find time, to wish you a happy valentines day

Monday, February 07, 2005

A Delayed Dedication

for so long i thought i was alone
just realized that with you, i belong
within the dark i start to see
a light coming from beyond, i start to see
a blinding flash eats it all up
and how you helped me stand up
i thought i was the only one hurting
and as i saw your hand
same as mine, all wounded and bleeding
i heard you say dont worry my son, dont worry
i was always there and waiting
i cant help it how you lurk yourself
all the while im the one who keeps on crying
whats wrong my son, whats wrong?
i gave it all up for you, whats wrong?
cry no more, im here now
i felt his touch, ever warm and tender
his love for me, im ashamed, i cannot compare
i wish i could just surrender, i wish
give it all up, like you did
this is a start, i made this for you
and im sorry for a delayed dedication

In The Streets of Cold

Lonely tonight i seek
the love we had i want to seal
steal the moment out from the past
the one that faded too fast

look at me, my love take a look
lonely as i am, give me back what you took
since you left, i never got it back
and along with my heart, i want you back

dont part, lets stay forever
'till the end, darling forever
dont smirk, im sober
when it comes to love, im still a believer

my one and only, please lets marry
be with me, along the time we'll cherish
this life you and i, i will hold
and i tell you, ill stay away from the cold

patient as ever, i'll wait
for how long, i dont know, i'll wait
hand in hand, how i wish we'll hold
to walk together, forever, not alone
in this streets of cold...