Monday, February 07, 2005

A Delayed Dedication

for so long i thought i was alone
just realized that with you, i belong
within the dark i start to see
a light coming from beyond, i start to see
a blinding flash eats it all up
and how you helped me stand up
i thought i was the only one hurting
and as i saw your hand
same as mine, all wounded and bleeding
i heard you say dont worry my son, dont worry
i was always there and waiting
i cant help it how you lurk yourself
all the while im the one who keeps on crying
whats wrong my son, whats wrong?
i gave it all up for you, whats wrong?
cry no more, im here now
i felt his touch, ever warm and tender
his love for me, im ashamed, i cannot compare
i wish i could just surrender, i wish
give it all up, like you did
this is a start, i made this for you
and im sorry for a delayed dedication

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