Monday, February 14, 2011

Book Review: Not Even A Hint by Joshua Harris

I wrote this book for both men and women. Why? Because lust isn’t a male problem. It is a human problem. It ruins our relationships, robs us of spiritual passion, and leaves us feeling hollow…
But the truth is that you and I don’t have to stay on that treadmill of guilt and shame. God calls us to a high standard - not even a hit of sexual impurity. And he gives us everything we need to make it a reality.
If you’re ready for a practical grace-centered plan for defeating lust and celebrating purity, I hope you’ll join me on a most promising journey.
- Joshua Harris
Lust goes beyond attraction, an appreciation of beauty, or even a healthy desire for sex - it makes these desires more important than God. Lust wants to go outside God’s guidelines to find satisfaction. - Joshua Harris, Not Even A Hint, Chapter 1 - The truth about Lust.
This is what lust is. It goes beyond God and centers on self. You’ll find that lust’s only concern is self satisfaction. We shouldn’t look far more than ourselves when we lust after the things that we do. What we first have to distinguish is the truths between what’s healthy and what’s not. Joshua Harris’ book, Not even a Hint made clear for that. 
He later on changed the title for this book to Sex is not the problem, lust is. This is what we should know. Sex shouldn’t be feared nor considered taboo. Lust is what makes this gift of God towards married couples dirty. This is what this book is addressing. I find the book really helpful the second time around. I have read this before and I would say that I have forgotten mostly what it said. Now that I’m in the will of God’s learning curve of sanctification in my life I find that the words that Harris wrote here helps more.
If you find yourself in a sick cycle of falling into this trap, and wanting to get out, I would suggest you pick up this book. Men and women alike. As Harris bluntly said, this is not just a man’s problem but a human problem. We need to know when to open ourselves towards this idea.
This book is split into 10 chapters and 3 parts. 
Part One discusses the Truth about Lust. This part consists of 3 chapters that will redeem the purpose for sex, the proper identification between our design to have sex drives and lust and the reality of us not being able to save ourselves from it. 
Part two, In the Thick of the Battle, gives perspective of the authors personal journey in battling lust and gives suggestions and ideas on why we’re in it and what we could possibly do to avoid it. I personally liked one of his suggestions but I’ll leave you, the next reader to see it for yourself.
Part three, Strategies for Long-Term Change, will give you suggestions by the author on what we could possibly do to make our desire to defeat lust gain ground over the shackles that held us in it.
I would really suggest this book for everyone who would want to defeat lust in order for them to be more that just a Christian in title but also a blessing towards the people around them. May you be not just a good partner for the one you’re with but also a sturdy support for others who are weak against it.
Not even a hint will not just leave you with self written contracts and ideas on how you, yourself alone, will be able to fight this sin that the Bible instructs us to flee from. Joshua Harris will really point you towards the truths about God as was stated in the Bible to fight against it.
With all that is said and done, if you haven’t done so yet, pick it up. If you already have this one in your library and still desiring to live a life closer to God and away from this, read it all over again.
“We must fight fire with fire. The fire of lust’s pleasures must be fought with the fire of God’s pleasures. If we try to fight the fire of lust with prohibitions and threats alone - even the terrible warnings of Jesus - we will fail. We must fight it with the massive promise of superior happiness. We must swallow up the little flicker of lust’s pleasure in the confagration of holy satisfaction” John Piper - Future Grace
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