Friday, November 30, 2007

On what transpired yesterday, curfew, and a perfect display of idiocracy

It's not funny anymore. The theatrics that these clowns continue to display just to get seen by the people that they're doing something is not fun anymore, guys maybe it's time for a call for these people to grow up.

I admire their call for reform and everything, don't get me wrong I am definitely in for those things, God bless you for doing that, but come on, for crying out loud, given already the chance to have some say in the political arena, elected to orchestrate some change within the administration and now what... Kids show up in a grown man's body. For crying out loud... you probably have just made things worse. I believe that there is a more mature way of delivering these changes that all of us want. Yes, the Filipino people are tired of corruption and all these jazz, but I guess the Filipino people are also tired of these attempts that disturbs the peace around the country... congratulations, you just forced them to implement a 12:00am - 5:00am curfew around the metro. Well done, well done...

A little wrap up of what transpired yesterday, Sen. Trilianes IV and company we're attending a hearing of their past Coup (Oakwood Mutiny) attempt and years after surrendering to the authorities and spending time in jail, this is what they have in mind... Walk out, and take over another hotel... Kids, the lesson here is that in order for us to counter a Coup trial... is to orchestrate another event thats somehow very similar to what they did before... like uhmm, needless to say, another Coup. And these events gave me another reason to have my sights stuck watching news, and guess what I saw, I saw a feed of the Magdalo group walking out of the Makati RTC en route to Manila Pen, and to my surprise, expecting a serious face from these guys, I saw our former Vice President smiling... and its not even that kind of smile that you take seriously... It was a "Hey, I'm orchestrating a prank" type of smile. Now tell me can you take these guys seriously? obviously their call for the people to get out of their seats and follow them in Makati didn't. Another job well done, you just disturbed the whole business district of Makati, ruined the day of those who we're staying in this fine hotel and raised alot of eyebrows.

I believe that what they say is true... this march wasn't planned... and backtracking at yesterdays events... I found it so evident that these things don't fall into the "planning" category. And if they did, well there's one thing I'm sure of, I won't hire these guys to plan a surprise party with me, they know how to spoil a day perfectly. It was done without class... wait I take that one back, they checked in a fine hotel... The world is laughing at us again, yesterday was appalling and just shows what kind of clowns we have in our country... it was a perfect display of idiocracy.

and oh... another job well done for destroying one fine hotel... *clap clap clap*