Saturday, May 28, 2005

Took a time off...

Sorry for the late updates for ive been busy with my new blog... Radix Lecti its a blog wherein me and some of my friends lays down our 2 cents on movies, series, music, maybe games as soon as we get new consoles...

feel free to visit and drop something in the chip bowl...

Good Times!

Friday, May 27, 2005


an empty space once more
alone again in this gloomy pour
inch by inch i feel it sore...
couldve stayed, shouldve told you more

i dont know if it was the same with you
for all i know, i left without a clue
i felt regret, i shouldve stayed true
and now im blue, i shouldve told you

and now im troubled, i cant be at peace
for my mind it calls out to you, it wont cease
im tired, im breaking, im on my knees
emotions wont leave, im down and begging... please

for i am left but an empty space
voided and blank, im out of the race
out of place, now and then i cant keep pace
im without you...
im voided...
in this oblivious place...

Saturday, May 14, 2005


pain still lingers
in my heart it clots
it aches, it shivers

i thought its gone
in my system, it clogs
my fight goes on

i want you back
since your gone
hope fades to black

i miss you so bad
it kills me, i turn to a wreck
i wish the time was longer
on those days,
that its you i had

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Melancholic Recurrence

thunders clash, showers starts
no visibility in this hard rain
lightning flares my gloomy sky
no one beside,
no hand on mine,
no stars to guide,
still and alone on my storm
and like this i still fight the norm
cant sleep to dream...
still darkness, no sight of gleams...
more and more it starts to scare...
these ghosts haunting, lonliness isnt fair...
sleep no more dream no more, hence...
stop these melancholic recurrence...

Friday, May 06, 2005

The Untitled IV

just when a day hits rock bottom
a call answered added to my sorrow
a smile today, is pain tomorrow
for all i know heart aches will follow

alone by myself, im not scared
alone by myself, i lived and dared
while with you, pride stripped and bared
cruelty you formed, in my head it flared

i gave what you took
i wish to close this book
you want me back, you want me shook
i cant even give you a decent look

now a sudden rush to my head
anger that built, this submerged guilt...