Monday, September 11, 2006

Silence means what we all know

Im out of words to say
im out of thoughts to think
what could this be
im so tired, so tired to think
Have i brought this on myself
not myself... someone else
current state, unexplainable but seen
im writing a note to myself
where have you been
so far i have sought
now grieving searching and yearning
a heart so empty now it seeks
so much of you, so much of you

whats there to ponder
not even a second to wonder
just think what to say
this is all i have by the way

whats there to offer
but my life now in a sunder
dont think, just pray
I miss you love...

thats all i have to say
i miss those days i have something to hold
now i hope and wait
for that day to come once more
its on my mind
it never escapes my mind
euphoric praise
enlightening phrases
oh im in love
oh great Unseen im in love

whats there to ponder.
not a second to wonder
im here, and ill stay
stare at you and say...