Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wandering Dreamer blog version 2

Ok im done with my little matrix thingy, its too common, its time for a fresh new something without any copyright infringement what-so-ever...

its a little dirty and comments and suggestions will gladly be appreciated.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Sorry, See you soon...

i might lose track and give up
for aspiring two things will never take its toll
tackling one road at a time is smart
and chasing two different things is foolish
consider me as a fool for not taking the chance
because losing both will is mere stupidity
and winning what weighs more shows a wiser person

for things that are not needed is not to be sought
coward i am for not dipping in the water
for i still have my boat to fix for refuge

an unstabalized person will never stand on their own two feet
and the otherwise though losing a battle will stand up in two feet
we have to give-up some things to grow individually

and whats lost is not our purpose
whats present and in an optimistic view will have hope
wisdom should be embraced first for us not to falter
because it is written that trials will always come and our faith should not be shaken
strengthen your foundation
take heed and dont be decieved
do what you feel is right for the good man wont cause any hurt
nor feel fear
i salute you brother, be happy
and bless others with hapiness.
dont pity for i am happy myself in my own way
its difficult in my situation to see the other road
for left is different from right
and east and west are in two different worlds
the other one is crowded, and im left alone

to say this is sad indeed, but take time to understand
it is needed for us to grow
and to prove our commitment
sometimes, we should sacrifice what we love

i didnt take your ride for im still in one, my own
and if did wrong, caused hurt and despair
then consider this as my attempt for apology
im sorry,
i loved, i took my road
i falter, and experienced pain

chances should be taken not refused like the coward and weak.
but as a man of purpose i will follow suit to seek what is layed down on me

and if all is said and done
if the door is not locked... i will knock