Sunday, October 31, 2004

'Til It Ends

i couldve ended it before
i couldve just left it there
but still it grows
something i could not just share

to you whom i think of most
with you i can boast
i couldnt be a better host
be with me, thats what matter most

if... whats next
a small word with many possible phrases
a possibility, of what might, and not quite
something i couldnt hex

i can give out my all
but i would just end up small
i know what will happen
its not even how i want it to begin

now im just alone
losing what i treasure most
a dream that was once shown
nothing more but a hoax

suffering and still hoping
within my hands i am coping
i cant let it all go
its just i love you so...

i couldve ended it before
left it alone and go
something now i can share
this story of mine i bear

and i'll have to wait...
till it ends...

Saturday, October 30, 2004


What are they? they are the things you want to achieve, you want to see, you want to pursue. some of these dreams are things that you couldnt get your hands in to...

Some are nightmares, some are too dreamy to tell... some are weird and unexplainable, but some are still

no matter what they are dreams... mine yours.

and for me... dreams is a moment. a moment that everything that i have ever wanted since i was a child is real.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Definition of Bliss

to hell with this
i dont care what happened to bliss
as i fell down on my knees
i begged and prayed for one last kiss

alone was my verdict for life
stood up and picked up a knife
to hell with this
this is bliss

it wont end till it ends
till one reach that ditch around the bend
a message i refuse to send
the beginning of the end

no man is happy till he's dead
i heard this was once said
to hell with this
this is bliss