Sunday, October 31, 2004

'Til It Ends

i couldve ended it before
i couldve just left it there
but still it grows
something i could not just share

to you whom i think of most
with you i can boast
i couldnt be a better host
be with me, thats what matter most

if... whats next
a small word with many possible phrases
a possibility, of what might, and not quite
something i couldnt hex

i can give out my all
but i would just end up small
i know what will happen
its not even how i want it to begin

now im just alone
losing what i treasure most
a dream that was once shown
nothing more but a hoax

suffering and still hoping
within my hands i am coping
i cant let it all go
its just i love you so...

i couldve ended it before
left it alone and go
something now i can share
this story of mine i bear

and i'll have to wait...
till it ends...

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