Friday, April 29, 2005

Dying Mem'ries

a haunting mask
leads to this daunting task
take me away from this dark sack

they say past is past
it feels like it wont last
why cant i send it away so fast

the moments i seek
in my memories it leaks
in teary forms, sadness it wreaks

forever you'll stay
that im sure, ill say
forever heartbreaks and tears...
in here, i'll pay...

Monday, April 25, 2005

Senseless Poetics

Stay a while and listen
hear me, share my bleeding
tired and troubled, im spent
stay high and smile, i cant

previously these days are fun
real world im back,
im down, feels like a ton
get up, no... ill hit the sack

groan and weep, ill try to sleep
heavy eyed and sick, energy is leaked
adiós mi amigo, adiós para ahora
arreglo enfermo mismo, tan pronto como despierte

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Politically Incorrect

my brain seems to be an empty mass
blank and vast, where knowledge was...
fierce and mad, the world became
people dont see it, theyre blind and lame
feel it free, the winds of change
one by one they falter, said the evil sage
opposite i stand, i run counterflow
while others agree, to the venerate they bow
what they fought now lost in time
see we're still captive, we've done them crime
where is it now, that we boast freely
independence lost, caused by the greedy
speak up, stand up, clench your fists
take out the chains off our wrists
captivated mother, send out your children
dont let rain ruin the fire of my brethren
cry out loud, rushing blood and sweat
and let them hear, make them lose their bet
hide it now, tears are fears
we will run trembling, scourging their ears
im not afraid, in their hearts i'll wreak
wont break it, but shake it, make it freak...
station, ill stay and write free
but ill fight the wind, lose and gain, like a tree...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Oh how im willing to waste
this life i am living for another
how i search for that taste
the score thats far away brother

a toddler, once i was
loved, and hugged i once had...
attention now i seek
take a look, i aint that bad

sanity once i lost i now hold
now i step up, brave and bold
stripped off my pride, alone in cold
if i had a child, these were told...

i lurk in depths of darkness i believe
i hide not to seek, but to chill
the smile in my face, that now i peel
shame and regret, lately i feel

why did i leave, why give up?
i never had the chance to try and pick up
now it just rings, please answer
time now wasted, now passed...
which i wish, i had...