Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Memoirs of the Wandering Dreamer: To the real world

Yesterday we had our Job Fair at our school. Several companies visited to check out the merchandise San Beda Alabang is offering, yes we we're put on display.

Companies tried to entice us with their benefits and everything, the company that really caught my attention was Chinabank. They have an IT dept, and the presentation was well said and really caught the students attention, they have good stuff to offer the employees. Too bad i was too lazy to apply there. Accenture was one of my targets since... it is Accenture, some say its the Mecca for IT Grads here in the Phils. But then again, if i get an offer at GIS (top of my list) id get that rather than Accenture, if i get in. Hapiness is a weapon for working hard... cmon if youre not happy? why work? and Hapiness is found at the former company since they do offer a good environment and a whole new world to venture in.

Enough about that... so back to the present times. Preparation for this real world we youngens are excited to step in, and the veterans so keen to get out. Im wondering... why?? You work for your livelihood, youre independent and youre just out and about yourself... Why are they so keen to get out? Its for them to know and for me to find out... well... i hope im ready... if im not? i will be soon.

Brighter Side:
RP is leading the medal tally in the SEA Games... Hooray!
RP Booters won against Cambodia and hopefully Malaysia (no news bout that yet)
Peso Rises to 53 to-a 1$

Darker Side:
Itll drive you nuts... better left alone haha stay on the light side