Wednesday, April 30, 2008


comforter of my heart
affirmer of my soul
i need you once more
after a troubled fall

a prayer in my heart
im afraid of what might start
i cant hold a guitar
nor sing in front of a crowd

a simple mistake
is all that it took
it gave birth to fear
within my heart where you look

comforter of my heart
affirmer of my soul
i need you right here
to wipe off my fear

its hard to hear a song
the one that took me long
o God feel that my heart is heavy
and i dont know when i'll be ready

i trust in your will
my God you are good
i trust in your ways
the way you put these things to shame

i come to you broken
like i have always been
i pray that you make me whole
o affirmer of my soul

o comforter of my heart
wipe these tears of dark
teach me how to worship
no attachments, set apart

everything i lift up to you
i fear that i might fall away
right now i'm not in my right mind
help me o God, let me stay blind

i remember what you did
i'll remember how you shaped me
molded me into this man
who runs to you after screwing up a band

o God my strength
help me up from the ground
i feel my every pound
pulling me down back to the ground

o comforter of my heart
o affirmer of my soul
my Lord and my God
let me know you more.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Short Something For You

Your beauty draws me near
Your kindness keeps me clear
Your stories have kept me silent
You make me want more

My heart has been yearning
Something unseen yet greatly felt
One taste, now I'm wrecked
Your love made me love You


something I wrote dated Feb 16, 2008.
I thought of adding some more... but reading it over and over again...
I can't help think that it's perfect the way it is...