Thursday, June 29, 2006


My tower and my strength
pour forth your spirit on this war
My tower, my strength
be with me as I feel her breathe down my neck
shivers on my spine be gone
My tower My strength
he brings me peace
My tower, My strength
brings you down to your knees
my enemies footstool of my feet
The kings that was created
to rule, subdue and dominate
subjugate the spirit that roams here
ambassadors of light
with our tower and strength
we pierce throught the dark
My refuge, my tower and my strength
As I battle with the lines of the enemy
Grant me peace…

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Im so bad at this

Why cant courting and the whole love and relationship be just like what happens in the movies? Theres some chasing, and then dating, a little fighting here and there but it still ends up happily ever after (unless you watch a teeny psycho movie where kids can get strangled by a chordless phone). But why? this whole thing, im just so bad at this! on the reel, its seems as easy as 1-2-and 3, When i speak with someone about this, they tell me not to worry its easy... Why cant i see it that way? why why why!?!??!?!?

This has always been my prayer, every night, im patient, im trained to be patient :), but i just cant see why im not good at this whole thing? why cant i hit the right questions? or even the guts just to call her at home?!? why am i friggin worried about this whole thingamajiggy??? why?!!??

I'd love to know her more and more, i like to see what it is with her that she can handle this easily, that when everytime i see her it seems nothing, but then something tells me, theres more into it... well since thats how i am... and right now, as you can see, its happening.

But then again, i must be doing something wrong with myself... well for one, i should be pursuing #1, Jesus, first :(, but i still feel incomplete waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah....
but surprisingly, by the end of the day, Pursuing Jesus and his presence during prayers and going deep on His word suffices every feeling that i had throughout the day... His presence is still the number 1 reward :D

Just need to scream these stuff out...

Why isnt it like the movies? because movie stars ends up getting divorced thats why...
Thousand Miles na to! (*piano plays*)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday (what to do)

6:30pm Festival Mall 2F on Top of Nat'l Bookstore!


Go NOW! And awaken ;)

The Post to end the day...

WOOOOOOOOH!!!! This day is far most one of the best days that I ever had! Spiritual High is at its all time pumped up and hyper state (like i drank a gajillion cups of coffee)... And the mystery just keeps on unfolding...

Heaven on earth... thats what it is :D
Prepare the way :D

And with that... g'night ;)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Subjugating Darkness

Status: [Spiritual hunger is higher than yesterday... sitting, waiting, praying...]

This new mystery that unfolded before my very eyes is so friggin cool. Hehe, I've always been naive and proud of myself knowing some stuff, but there will always be something bigger and better than what I know. Pieces of jigsaw puzzles that just shows the bigger picture out there, and what a beauty it is.

I have always been intact and hard on intimacy, its all that i needed, intimacy and love, while i thought that that was it, when its the whole Nitrous Oxide for a runner to get a bigger picture, its like "Now that youre pumped up, fueled and hyped! now see this and run!" Heh...

Psalms 110:1
The Lord says to my lord, "Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool of your feet."

One thing is for sure on that verse, someone will be subjugated and another will subjugate. Just like light pierces to the darkest room, just like a voice will be heared in the middle of the dessert, makes it all clear why we, the awakened ones, are awakened to see, hear and do whatever it is that is needed to be done...

The time for subjugation has come and the time to take that step forward again has come, the time to see what it is to see, hear what is to hear, then speak what it is to be spoken has come. Repent for the kingdom has come, and its time to make an advancement and take things forcefully because the enemy will not go down as easy as that (even with me, that booger aint giving up). And its up to us on how we will choose to attack and retaliate. Kingdom against kingdom, hear the command and conquer haha...

Our time is now... Repent for the kingdom has come :)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mid-week Log

Working Confidence at its all time high, with alot of stuff to do and having it done as faster than my superiors have expected (and with slight mistakes) just made my week for me. Spiritual Hide and Seek is getting better and better (the searching for more have never been this fun) missing Jesus' and really going deep just to hear from Him again is as never as fun as it could be. (Going deep on Isaiah 30:41 and just going deep on the first line answers every question that I asked during this times. To be honest, one part of my life is at its all time low, but right now just reading and receiving something from 30:41's first line, its just everything that I need. So its going to be filled up with the best.

Spain won against Tunisia, and what a comeback it was, haha watching it 3am in the morning and just seeing Torres stamped the period on the game made the sleepyhead jump and go wild.

Miami just won today 95-92. Degeneration X (HHH and HBK) reunited on RAW and what a sight it was, a blast from the past with the green strobe lights, green paint, air brushes, and most of all the crotch chops makes me feel like im 15 again.

As the day folds to an end, im all pumped up and hyped and as the title says... The light is green guys! Lets Go!!

2 more days to wrap this week up, and everything just keeps on getting better and better.
The mystery will unfold, pray...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sink or Swim

Ah yes, sink or swim, finally i came upon this stage of life when I try to conquer fear? Because in reality, you cant even tell what will happen if you dont experience it yourself. I just kept on telling my friends, c'mon you're making relationships a big deal, when all you have to do is try. And for crying out loud someone should be saying those words to me. Try? But what if she scoofs me off, or tear me apart or eat me or... well maybe not eat me, she might get clogged arteries after but going back, fear encapsulates my whole being! Im being eaten by fear itself... Fear of the unknown.

Im trembling, I couldnt even pick myself up from the floor and send her a message containing words. Im just worried that well... BAH! Marc, could you stop thinking for a while, thinking messes everything up. Well, some say sometimes using the brain is proven effective when it comes to loving. What? Shouldnt love be placing yourself in an abandoned mode? Well thats reserved for someone else, (Love ya God) but still, Agape... And throughout the ages, somehow it changed to something being used for petty things... And im being called a fool, sheesh... Then fool it is if its to be that way.

5:00 pm on the dot, 1 more hour to spend to grab stuff and walk pass the office doors, and I cant get her off my mind, I wonder what she's doing. And im thinking about what I should be doing? Ever minute feels like an hour, jeeeeeeeez...

Suddenly i have this urge to scream and shout, its getting crowded in my chest area, what could this be? Thinking about it, i didnt eat something oily today, i swear, i just ate crackers and spam... But strange enough this feeling just grabs hold of me. And let me ask this question, why is it that everytime you talk with someone that you like... wait Why is it that everytime "I" talk with someone "I" like out comes a totally different Marco? Im not silent, but then I get my tounge tied...

But anyway, Sink or swim, this light is green :)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

(On a wishful thinking mode)

Oo - Up Dharma Down

‘Di mo lang alam
Naiiisip kita
Baka sakali lang maisip mo ako
‘Di mo lang alam
Hanggang sa gabi inaasam makita kang muli

Nagtapos ang lahat sa di inaasahang pahanon
At ngayon ako ay iyong iniwan
Luhaan, sugatan, ‘di mapakinabangan
Sana nagtanong ka lang
Kung ‘di mo lang alam
Sana’y nagtanong ka lang
Kung ‘di mo lang alam

Ako’y iyong nasaktan
Baka sakali lang maisip mo naman
Hindi mo lang alam
Kay tagal na panahon
Ako’y nandirito pa rin hanggang ngayon para sa’yo

Lumipas mga araw na ubod ng saya
‘Di pa rin nagbabago ang aking pagsinta
Kung ako’y nagkasala patawad na sana
Puso kong pagal ngayon lang nagmahal

‘Di mo lang alam
Ako’y iyong nasaktan
Baka sakali lang maisip mo naman
Puro s’ya na lang
Sana’y ako naman
‘Di mo lang alam
Ika’y minamasdan
Sana’y iyong mamalayang hindi mo lang pala alam

‘Di mo lang alam
Kahit tayo’y magkaibigan lang
Napapaligaya lang sa tuwing nagkukulitan
Baka sakali lang maisip mo naman
Ako’y nandito lang
Hindi mo lang alam
Matalino ka naman

Kung ikaw at ako
Ay tunay na bigo sa laro na ito
Ay dapat bang sumuko
Sana hindi ka lang pala aking nakilala
Kung alam ko lang ako’y masasaktan ng ganito
Sana’y nakinig na lang ako sa nanay ko

‘Di mo lang alam
Ako’y iyong nasaktan
Baka sakali lang maisip mo naman
Puro s’ya na lang
Sana’y ako naman
Isang kindat man lang
‘Di mo lang alam
O, ika’y minamasdan
Sana iyo’y mamalayang di mo lang pala alam

Malas mo
Ikaw ang natipuhan ko
Di mo lang alam
Ako’y iyong nasaktan