Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mid-week Log

Working Confidence at its all time high, with alot of stuff to do and having it done as faster than my superiors have expected (and with slight mistakes) just made my week for me. Spiritual Hide and Seek is getting better and better (the searching for more have never been this fun) missing Jesus' and really going deep just to hear from Him again is as never as fun as it could be. (Going deep on Isaiah 30:41 and just going deep on the first line answers every question that I asked during this times. To be honest, one part of my life is at its all time low, but right now just reading and receiving something from 30:41's first line, its just everything that I need. So its going to be filled up with the best.

Spain won against Tunisia, and what a comeback it was, haha watching it 3am in the morning and just seeing Torres stamped the period on the game made the sleepyhead jump and go wild.

Miami just won today 95-92. Degeneration X (HHH and HBK) reunited on RAW and what a sight it was, a blast from the past with the green strobe lights, green paint, air brushes, and most of all the crotch chops makes me feel like im 15 again.

As the day folds to an end, im all pumped up and hyped and as the title says... The light is green guys! Lets Go!!

2 more days to wrap this week up, and everything just keeps on getting better and better.
The mystery will unfold, pray...

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