Monday, June 28, 2004

Buried Myself Alive by The Used

You almost always pick the best times
To drop the worst lines
You almost made me cry again this time
Another false alarm
Red flashing lights
Well this time I'm not going to watch myself die
I think I made it a game to play your game
And let myself cry
I buried myself alive on the inside
So I could shut you out
And let you go away for a long time

I guess it's ok I puked the day away
I guess it's better you trapped yourself in your own way
And if you want me back
You're gonna have to ask
Nicer than that

I think the chain broke away
And I felt it the day that I had my own time
I took advantage of myself and felt fine
But it was worth the night
I caught an early flight and I made it home

With my foot on your neck
I finally have you
Right where I want you

Sunday, June 27, 2004


you didnt say anything
anything in particular
that you have moved on

you left me hanging there
dangling along the air
nothing left for me and i

shot myself on the head
and then im lying dead on my bed
just trying to get my mind
off of you

you couldve said something girl
i know i called you before
something messed up my mind

why are you hiding there
im just standing here bare
you stripped me my pride and i

shot myself on my bed
and then im lying bleeding on my head
just trying to get my mind
off of you

i have wasted
my time
just to keep it alive
i have wasted
my soul
just to love you more
i have wasted
my life
asking you to be my wife
i have wasted
have wasted
everything i built

just for you...

and i...

shot myself on the head
and then im lying dead on my bed
just trying to get my mind
off of you

shot myself on my bed
and then im lying bleeding on my head
just trying to get my mind
off of you

you couldve saved me...
but its too late...

Friday, June 25, 2004

apology, maybe

why are you hiding girl
why do you have to make everything blur
anything bad i did that occured
if i did anything tell me girl

why do you have to be obvious
at least tell me, so i wouldnt be curious
alone and oblivious
unaware and keeping me away of anything glorious

hate me, you made me
the dreamer i am, you made me
forsake me, shake me
cant take this away, you made me

why do you have to be obvious
at least tell me, so i wouldnt be curious
alone and oblivious
unaware and keeping me away of anything glorious

hate me, you made me
the dreamer i am, you made me
forsake me, shake me
cant take this away, you made me

alright, sorry for what i did
if theres anything, or i might have offended you
thats it, this is my final bid
i told you im sorry thats it
whats next? come out, and open that lid
talk to me, dont leave me blue
i feel like a piece of shit
i come clean, im just sorry for what i did
if theres anything i did...

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

... EXACTLY!!! ...


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

hehe morpheus? matrix?
god of dreams? dreamer? what a coincidence :D

So Impossible by: Dashboard Confessional

So she says
"Everyone's going to the party,
won't you come if I come
with a friend for your friend?
I'd be so pleased to see you
out of the classroom wearing the smile that I'll bring you.
I was hoping to learn a few things like..
Do you do you like dishing the dirt
on the whole class or
talking the big smack or
playing the fool or
wearing all of the latest fashions
or bucking the new trends
wearing your old threads or
if you like coffee in the evening
These are a few things that I'd like to know
that I'd like to know"

So I say...
"I've been scheduled to work but I'll call in
and my friend isn't busy
he'd be happy to join me
and maybe my friend
and your friend
will hit it off or maybe we will?"

I'm dying to know
do you do you like dreaming of things
so impossible or only the practical

or ever the wild
or waiting through all your bad bad days
just to end them with
someone you care about

and do you like making out
and long drives and brown eyes
and guys that just
don't quite fit in
yeah do you like them
So yes, I'll see you there.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

bring me to where you are

its been months since your gone girl
and i know what we had, its special girl
a thrilling ride, you had my world whirll...
still cant believe your gone girl

still dreaming, of you not leaving
hold me, carry me, bring me to where you are
im screaming, shivering,
im alone in the cold girl...
bring me to where you are

im missing you
more than a man could be missing you
hold me, once again let me kiss you
embrace you, spend time...
alone with you...

still dreaming, of you not leaving
hold me, carry me, bring me to where you are
im screaming, shivering,
im alone in the cold girl...
bring me to where you are

i still remember that kiss
i know, i felt bliss
that was before...
once again let me hold you at least
im down on my knees, and beggin you please...

baby girl im dreaming, of you not leaving
hold me, carry me, bring me to where you are
im screaming, shivering,
im alone in the cold girl...

...bring me to where you are...

its been months since your gone girl...

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Come Around

lost for words
feeling pathetic and absurd
what happened to my world
circling around you like before

years and years i have wandered
along the road i crashed and burned
i should have learned, before
girl im concerned,

im not coming around
no matter how hard i try, girl im bound
help me, im screaming aloud
hope you come around

never been the same
ever since you came
into my life, it seems strange
something about you i cant change

i know i could have layed it all down
quit, and stayed on the ground
i break, stand, chase you, follow you around
i cant help it, im concerned

im not coming around
no matter how hard i try, girl im bound
help me, im screaming aloud
hope you come around

everywhere i go id look for you
every message i recieve id pray its you
every call i answer i hope its you
call me crazy, but...

im not coming around
no matter how hard i try, girl im bound
help me, im screaming aloud
hope you come around


school... blah!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Believe it or not, Quinito Hensons predictions is right. And mine is... well... anyway...

the championship is back on the east coast. as far as i remember the west dominated the nba since jordan left the bulls. and now its back, and motown is on top. some say it cant be done, some say they wont stand a chance. lets see who's the b*tch now... the pistons dont have them superstars, they dont even have them superstars that have 90+ ratings on ea sports'nba live 2004, but they had the heart. the pistons saw the chance and they took it finishing strong 4 games to 1.

it all began on game 1 when detroit crushed every laker fans dream of a sweep. the pistons proved that they are not for show but they told the world that they are for real and they are here to stay.

came game 2, it shows that the lakers is having a hard time to win games against the pistons because they had to force an overtime, and its all because of kobe's lucky three pointer.

then the pistons now have their 3 games at detroit... game 3, they finished big keeping the lakers below 70 points... game 4 they had fun and the lakers couldnt do anything to stop a rampaging rasheed wallace. game 5, the moment of truth where every starter of the detroit lineup scored double digits, even the 6'9 ben wallace scored 18 points and grabbed 22 rebounds. chauncey billups won the finals mvp with 21 points and 5.2 assists per game.

after the last second, i can see kobe crying again and shaq walking off the court looking down. i didnt get to watch because i have to go to school, anyway theres a replay anyway. its true that defense wins championships... (and that goes for you real madrid... its defense that wins championships... now go get that trebbel next season forca real!) congratulations for the nba champions the detroit pistons!

photos from and

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

EURO 2004!!!

so far heres the recap

group a

greece 2 - 1 portugal
spain 1 - 0 russia

group b

croatia 0 - 0 switzerland
france 2 - 1 england
"woah, 2 zidane goals during stoppage time!!! now thats a crushing defeat"

group c

sweden 5 - 0 bulgaria henrick larrson hat trick
italy 0 - 0 denmark underdog who?

Delayed Game 3 and 4 :: Hooray For The Pistons

the outcome of both games is the same, the only difference was, game 3 was a blowout... game four is somehow closer. detroit now leads 3 games to 1, and game fve will be at the palace in auburn hills... will history repeat itself? will the underdogs beat the star studded lakers? or will the lakers force game 6... lets see tomorrow if the bad boys will bring another championship at detroit... lets see if the beast from the east will go home with the trophy, will it be detroit '04 tomorrow?

Thursday, June 10, 2004

NBA Finals Game 2 :: An Upset For The Underdogs

well the outcome was inevitable. it seems that when the going gets tough, the pistons collapse. they were seconds away for a 2-0 lead against the lakers, yet they stumbled. and yet kobe did his late game heroics (damn you kobe!!!). i was in my 11:00 class when the game is on its way. so i just looked at the stats via and there, we were cheering for the pistons. we thought that the pistons had the 4th quarter packed, and the lakers back sobbing inside their locker room, but nooo.... kobe had the pistons. with kobe's heroic 3-pointer, the lakers sent the game to OT. and there it all happened... the pistons stumbled, and got nailed on their 89 point mark, while the lakers kept on scoring their 2-0 lead out. and guess what? lakers won... its an upset for the underdogs.

heres a little spice for game 3, derek fisher aint 100%, he is suffering from a knee injury, and theres a posibility that he might not play on game 3. payton isnt himself. and theres no point guard left but... luke walton...

DET 91-99 LAL OT
Box Score

recap and box score linked from

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Here, i walk away from you
tired and weary of all the things we did
tired of waiting for your return
im leaving the place that was once ours

here, im trapped inside
i thought i could break of you
thought being away could heal
still my love hooks me up, i couldnt walk further

looking behind i couldnt leave the thought
seeing the place, i couldnt place another step
still hoping, coping to reality that your gone
doesnt help, your gone, im alone, asking you come home

fool to think i could break of you
damage inside still i act cool
i have to run girl, im leaving too
away from you, we have to part ways

same old routine
its no surprise no more
i have to go...
see you around...


Monday, June 07, 2004

NBA Finals Game 1 :: I Stand Corrected

mmmmm... hot soup... well there goes game 1 and there goes the homecourt advantage of the lakers. well the pistons did their job in fact they did a very good job. they man handled the lakers to their first home court loss in the playoffs this year. they contested every shot that the lakers attempted. the pistons gave the lakers a hard time, they were never intimidated by the prescence of 4 all stars in their line up neither did the championship banners that is hanging on top of staples center. the pistons gave their a-game and they proved their worth of the eastern conference champions. the dynamic duo of the lakers, kobe and shaq, scored 59 points and their supporting cast including the 3 points from payton and 4 points of malone totaled to 16 points. now thats defence.

is history repeating itself? or its just sheer talent and determination that came from the east?... surely the bad boys are in town, and they're no hoax.

DET 87-75 LAL
Box Score

recap and box score linked from

Sunday, June 06, 2004


almost every student around is preparing for the coming of tomorrow. the start of another school year is just around the corner. in 12 hours, ill be in my uniform, sitting on an arm chair and listening to the proffesors mumblings. a rainy day to start all of it, i can tell because its raining hard tonight.

summer has officially ended and tomorrow i will face the stories of my friends on what they have done, or how they spent their summer vacation, and oh, i might be writing essays about them also. whats new? every year same old same old.

to cut it all short, goodbye bed... see you soon hehehehe

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Patiently Waiting

im on the other end waiting
for you, i told you i would
i did everything to please you
everything girl, but neither could

im dying girl, you never even called
just a word ive been waiting
just a greeting, that would stop me messin
girl, im slippin im missin you

longing to see you, i wanna know
if u still care, im still at home
damn cant you see im alone?
still you cant bother to call

just say it and id do it
leave you, forget you
its painful, but i would
im not mad, its just that you did leave me

theres nothing i could do
were in different area codes
id just sit here sad and blue
in my heart im carrying this heavy load

nothing more could be said
i dont even know if u still know me
nothing more could be done
but im still here, and im patiently waiting

My NBA Finals Predictions

Bag the chips, grab your beers, call some friends, the NBA Finals 2004 is just around the corner. Coming June 6th, the Pistons and the Lakers will battle it all out bringing everything for the Gold.

:: The Analysis ::

Detroit won the conference finals against the Pacers is 6 games, and Lakers won it in the West also with 6 games.

I can see that the Lakers will take it home in 6 games, most likely. With Detroit already having a hard time to win it big in the conference finals with the Pacers, I'd say they wouldnt stand a chance. I hate to say it, but they cant even finish the games above 90 points. And thats against the Pacers, put in the likes of Kobe, Shaq, Payton and Malone on the opposition, how will they plan to take the gold home? I mean they won big and i mean big! They went to war and sent the Twolves packing, and they're already a big team with a lot of talent, and still the Lakers managed to win it above 90. I just hope that Dumars is happy with the silverware because i wont bet they'll take home the gold.

:: My Predictions ::

Game 1: @ LA

The so called "Bad Boys" is having they're first finals appearance and they're hyped up. Knowing that they have players dont have the finals experience at all, the Lakers will go home happy and the Pistons will watch the tape of this game with coach Larry Brown.
Lakers win 90-79

Game 2: @ LA

The Pistons will come back with a vengeance, but that wont give them the win. They'll play defense, and take care of Shaq inside. But dont forget that there are still others in yellow who can still score and crush your dreams. Detroit will give em a fight. But that wont be enough to stop em at Staples. The Lakers will have they're 2-0 lead.
Lakers win 88-80

Game 3: @ Detroit

Yeah, the Pistons are back in Auburn Hills and the Lakers will wish they are back home. Because Chauncey, Rip, Prince, and Sheed will take em behind the perimeter. Pistons will get theyre win 2-1, But the Lakers will finish close.
Pistons win 85-80

Game 4: @ Detroit

Naaah... The Lakers will bag this one. The Lakers will know the essence of the Pistons offense, and theyll take it inside and outside. Theyll outscore the Pistons in the paint. Lakers win 90-76

Game 5: @ Detroit

The Detroit will be back on their toes and they'll play defense this time, and cut the Lakers championship hopes for 1 game. Detroit will play the best game they'll ever play since the conference finals. They'll shut down the Lakers in game 5. They'll give em turnovers and put the Pistons on the fastbreak. They'll outrun the Lakers and win this one 93-87

Game 6: @ LA

The Lakers are back home, and they like the crowd in Staples to share the confetti shower with them. Handshakes from the blues and hugs from friends. congratulations said to the long awaited 4th championship of the Lakers. 4-2
Lakers will win this one 95-80

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

NBA: The 2004 Playoffs Roundup

it was all the san antonio spurs fault, not to finish the lakers. now i know that you know that i am a laker hater, and i am damn proud of it. i mean the spurs already had the lakers on the ropes with a 2-0 lead but then they opened something and let the lakers in with a 4 game win.

next its the twolves and the sacramento game, it was a well fought game but it couldve gone the other way. i mean if the kings never stumbled by the end of the regular season the playoffs couldve gone the other way around. they couldve met at the western conf. finals. its sad to see them battle something meaningless, to meet the lakers on the finals.

the eastern conference are already fighting for their own finals... its the only way that they could get a trophy anyway, in one way or another itll go to the star studded, ring hungry lakers. with malone and payton, who is by the way is fighting tooth and nail for their rings, kobe, shaq and the rest of the lakers who is looking for revenge for last years upset, their invunerable for their 4th title. what else could you expect?

earlier this day i just saw the wolves fell, i didnt see their hunger, i didnt see their determination to win, or they just couldnt handle the phil jackson led team. my brother was right, they dont have "it" to win yet, maybe give em a year or two, or give em shaq, now they have "it" to win. although they had a good season, they finished the best of the west (with their record that is), getting past the 1st round, and beating the kings in 7 games in the second round, and they dont have "it", what is "it" anyway? an unmeasurable thing? leadership? hunger? they have players like sprewell, casell, olowakandi and garnett being the mvp... still no "it"? wtf is "it"??

thats it, first sacramento went down, then the spurs went down (shiiiit), then the wolves... i wont be expecting something from the east, why wont they just give it back to la and start a new season damnit!

Since Your Gone

eversince your gone
i just felt undone
feeling i could just blow a gun
that your gone...
i couldve let you stay
turn back the time i pray
if i may
do it my way
uninspired, thats how i feel
that your gone
something in my heart, it peels
your love i felt, youve shown
looking at oblivion
hiding tears that the wind has blown
told you that id be happier
go and chase your dreams
a hug then it gave you laughter
now i suffer
of being better
without you from now till later
still i cry from trying
saying ur still here, im lying
by any chance that im still crying
the wind blows my tears from hanging
looking up, the wind just blown
my final tear, since your gone

Towards the End

nothing lasts forever
including these days
that i once anticipated to start
now dreaded to end soon
bringing me back to what i used to call life
back to the arm chair
with professors passing notes from his to mine
not wisdom, notes
back to being a slave of the system
a system that you cannot defy
even if you try
youll end up dry...
and as we run towards the end
and we see that line that we are supposed to cut
we start to run fast
never looking back
with the wind rushing to our faces
our paces start to increase
as our feet start to grease
and we feel the breeze
towards the end...
afterwards we wheeze...
trying to catch air, as we breathe heavily
that is the place that i fear most
suffering rather than holding the moment
more laps please
still wanting this to end
than crossing that line
and going back to life...

its near guys, hehehe five more days and our first 4 days in school starts. cherish these moments while you still can, hug your pillow and tuck inside your blankets as hard as you can, because thats how you'll miss em throughout the day, i know i will... sleeping while the sun is still up... sigh...