Monday, June 07, 2004

NBA Finals Game 1 :: I Stand Corrected

mmmmm... hot soup... well there goes game 1 and there goes the homecourt advantage of the lakers. well the pistons did their job in fact they did a very good job. they man handled the lakers to their first home court loss in the playoffs this year. they contested every shot that the lakers attempted. the pistons gave the lakers a hard time, they were never intimidated by the prescence of 4 all stars in their line up neither did the championship banners that is hanging on top of staples center. the pistons gave their a-game and they proved their worth of the eastern conference champions. the dynamic duo of the lakers, kobe and shaq, scored 59 points and their supporting cast including the 3 points from payton and 4 points of malone totaled to 16 points. now thats defence.

is history repeating itself? or its just sheer talent and determination that came from the east?... surely the bad boys are in town, and they're no hoax.

DET 87-75 LAL
Box Score

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