Thursday, June 03, 2004

Patiently Waiting

im on the other end waiting
for you, i told you i would
i did everything to please you
everything girl, but neither could

im dying girl, you never even called
just a word ive been waiting
just a greeting, that would stop me messin
girl, im slippin im missin you

longing to see you, i wanna know
if u still care, im still at home
damn cant you see im alone?
still you cant bother to call

just say it and id do it
leave you, forget you
its painful, but i would
im not mad, its just that you did leave me

theres nothing i could do
were in different area codes
id just sit here sad and blue
in my heart im carrying this heavy load

nothing more could be said
i dont even know if u still know me
nothing more could be done
but im still here, and im patiently waiting

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