Tuesday, June 01, 2004

NBA: The 2004 Playoffs Roundup

it was all the san antonio spurs fault, not to finish the lakers. now i know that you know that i am a laker hater, and i am damn proud of it. i mean the spurs already had the lakers on the ropes with a 2-0 lead but then they opened something and let the lakers in with a 4 game win.

next its the twolves and the sacramento game, it was a well fought game but it couldve gone the other way. i mean if the kings never stumbled by the end of the regular season the playoffs couldve gone the other way around. they couldve met at the western conf. finals. its sad to see them battle something meaningless, to meet the lakers on the finals.

the eastern conference are already fighting for their own finals... its the only way that they could get a trophy anyway, in one way or another itll go to the star studded, ring hungry lakers. with malone and payton, who is by the way is fighting tooth and nail for their rings, kobe, shaq and the rest of the lakers who is looking for revenge for last years upset, their invunerable for their 4th title. what else could you expect?

earlier this day i just saw the wolves fell, i didnt see their hunger, i didnt see their determination to win, or they just couldnt handle the phil jackson led team. my brother was right, they dont have "it" to win yet, maybe give em a year or two, or give em shaq, now they have "it" to win. although they had a good season, they finished the best of the west (with their record that is), getting past the 1st round, and beating the kings in 7 games in the second round, and they dont have "it", what is "it" anyway? an unmeasurable thing? leadership? hunger? they have players like sprewell, casell, olowakandi and garnett being the mvp... still no "it"? wtf is "it"??

thats it, first sacramento went down, then the spurs went down (shiiiit), then the wolves... i wont be expecting something from the east, why wont they just give it back to la and start a new season damnit!

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