Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Towards the End

nothing lasts forever
including these days
that i once anticipated to start
now dreaded to end soon
bringing me back to what i used to call life
back to the arm chair
with professors passing notes from his to mine
not wisdom, notes
back to being a slave of the system
a system that you cannot defy
even if you try
youll end up dry...
and as we run towards the end
and we see that line that we are supposed to cut
we start to run fast
never looking back
with the wind rushing to our faces
our paces start to increase
as our feet start to grease
and we feel the breeze
towards the end...
afterwards we wheeze...
trying to catch air, as we breathe heavily
that is the place that i fear most
suffering rather than holding the moment
more laps please
still wanting this to end
than crossing that line
and going back to life...

its near guys, hehehe five more days and our first 4 days in school starts. cherish these moments while you still can, hug your pillow and tuck inside your blankets as hard as you can, because thats how you'll miss em throughout the day, i know i will... sleeping while the sun is still up... sigh...

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