Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Believe it or not, Quinito Hensons predictions is right. And mine is... well... anyway...

the championship is back on the east coast. as far as i remember the west dominated the nba since jordan left the bulls. and now its back, and motown is on top. some say it cant be done, some say they wont stand a chance. lets see who's the b*tch now... the pistons dont have them superstars, they dont even have them superstars that have 90+ ratings on ea sports'nba live 2004, but they had the heart. the pistons saw the chance and they took it finishing strong 4 games to 1.

it all began on game 1 when detroit crushed every laker fans dream of a sweep. the pistons proved that they are not for show but they told the world that they are for real and they are here to stay.

came game 2, it shows that the lakers is having a hard time to win games against the pistons because they had to force an overtime, and its all because of kobe's lucky three pointer.

then the pistons now have their 3 games at detroit... game 3, they finished big keeping the lakers below 70 points... game 4 they had fun and the lakers couldnt do anything to stop a rampaging rasheed wallace. game 5, the moment of truth where every starter of the detroit lineup scored double digits, even the 6'9 ben wallace scored 18 points and grabbed 22 rebounds. chauncey billups won the finals mvp with 21 points and 5.2 assists per game.

after the last second, i can see kobe crying again and shaq walking off the court looking down. i didnt get to watch because i have to go to school, anyway theres a replay anyway. its true that defense wins championships... (and that goes for you real madrid... its defense that wins championships... now go get that trebbel next season forca real!) congratulations for the nba champions the detroit pistons!

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