Friday, May 30, 2008

We can do so much better

I just got home from my 1 week Hong Kong trip and what can i say, it was truly a different country. And i couldnt help but compare, and feel sorry for the Filipino people.

Pregunta... for how long can we stand dwelling in a place of complacency? Our international airport stinks of piss for crying out loud, our MRT terminals are being overwhelmed by vandals and people are allowed to spit anywhere...

To be honest, i believe that what i saw in HK can happen here if everyone who can do something will just put their weight together... and don't get me started with the ludicrous MMDA art... please... it's not even helping edsa to attain that metro gwapo campaign.

Their stations are kept clean, shiny floor tiles and basically no pentel pen drawings of the male genitalia, and their trains are packed with commuters too so we have no excuse about the quantity of the people that goes there.

You can't get lost in HK too... there are signs everywhere, and if you can just find your way to an MTR station... you're good as home.

The airport was awesome... it was friggin huge... and doesnt smell... at all...

all i want to say is that manila can do these things too... i think... yes i believe so.

but for what its worth... i still love manila.