Friday, May 29, 2009

Raul: 2009 Golden Foot Nominee!

Raul has chances in winning this years Golden Foot award this coming September.

The Golden Foot award is an award given to the best European footballers that are over 29 of age. Other players joining Raul in the shortlist are Totti, Henry, Ronaldinho, Buffon, Gerrard, Giggs, Trezeguet and former Madridistas David Beckham and Luis Figo.

Although I'm torn in voting my favorite player, Luis Figo, I'm going to vote for el capitan who has been nothing but stellar this year.

You can vote for your Golden Foot here.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spider Holster, Allowing you to become Quicks-Draw-Mc-Hey!

Among my peers that are photography enthusiasts, the common complaints that I hear from them when carrying their DSLR's are that it's too big, too heavy for the neck, and it's just too big. As soon as I saw this Spiderholster from Engadget, I was kinda convinced that this could be the next best thing for photographers, or could be another one of those idiotic inventions that we could've lived without.

So without further ado... I introduce to you, the spider holster.

So what do you guys think about it? I myself would probably get one, but then again, given the likes of the people you'll get to know here in the Philippines, having a quick-draw camera would also mean a quick-buck for some of our friends in our streets. You know... the hack and swish move they usually do with celphones can easily be done with your camera aswell.

So there, next big small thing? or could've lived without.

I Want...

I may be laying aside my dream for getting new lens at the moment since the new Canon Speedlite 270EX came out recently.

Any photography enthusiasts out there that could give me a thing or two about this?

anyway here's the dealio.

Canon Speedlite 270EX

Key Features include:
• High power flash with a maximum guide number 27 m (other sites say upto 50mm)
• Fast, silent recycle times
• Manual flash output (settable via camera menus)
• Speedlite controllable with compatible camera's menu
• Zoom head
• Bounce flash head

It's priced at around Php 7,500. Anyone out there that could give me a thing or two about this? I'm really leaning towards getting one of these since the next good ones (430EX and 580EX II) are priced at around Php15,000 and Php 21,000. I still have no clue when it comes to flash photography, I just know that sooner or later I'll be needing one.

So what should I look after here? Inputs... inputs... inputs! They'll be really appreciated.

And I also found something extra that would help me get the smears out of my preview screen...

The Canon EP-EX15 Eyepiece Extender. This would keep my cheek from touching that preview screen when the going gets tough hehe. I'd probably check Camerahaus and Sanly @ Megamall tomorrow for this one.

So I'm getting addicted with Prime lenses and is seriously considering the 85mm f1.8 lens over the planned zoom lens. 85mm possesses range already and could be versatile aswell when it comes to shooting portraits and events since it's kind of a fast lens. Plus it's not that expensive.

Jeez this photography thingy is really getting alot of my budget lately. So much for that new PC hahaha. No, need to control... Discipline idiot... discipl.... mmmmm Big Mac.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Dream My Love

should i dare dream
think more of what may seem
or just walk out of it
wait for that someone i'd meet

I'm hurt, i'm fine
in every song it's you i find
you know i'd want to stop
dream's too nice to flop

why wouldn't you let it happen?
or would you want me to start nappin
just to see and hold you
and you know in my heart there's nothing new

and now it's painful to dream
because of what may seem
and i have nothing to hold
since even in my sleep my emotions unfold

such pain to deal for such time
how they tell me loving you is a crime
when i know hope is grim
you know me, i'll still dream

why wouldn't it just happen
a sudden twist in fate for images to sharpen
my wish to be right next to you
you'll know my heart holds nothing new

and with a few i've flown and known
none like how you've got me blown
time i'll never get back
moments i'll always look back

why wouldn't it just happen
to finally see birds up high flapping
beside you, i'd give anything
or would you just want me to start nappin.

why wouldn't it just happen.


So whats been up? It's been a while since I last blogged, and I missed it. So I'll just throw practically everything that's on my mind right now... so hang on to your seats, here they come...

Hayden Kho... I'd just say that I've had enough of this. I beg people to stop talking about this because seriously... there's nothing to talk about. I'd probably ask and wonder why is it this being discussed in the senate. There's economic crisis out there, another lingering "ChaCha" movement by the lower house, and then the next big issue... sex tapes. Ok they're taboo, they're no-no... but why just now? why didn't anyone flinch like this when the actress Mahal came out with hers. So enough about these already, let them handle their problems... it shouldn't be the whole NATION'S concern! it shouldn't take up 40% of our news.

Sen. Bong Revilla... He scored a media hat trick in a month span! hooray for the dude. He first went out by (angrily) asking Alec Baldwin to apologize to the whole nation because the actor said that he'd probably get a Filipina Mail-Ordered Bride online while on Letterman. He shows that we, Filipinos can't take a joke. Next is that he went out on the Senate floor to announce that Hayden Kho is a pervert. And now he's fuming with anger at how the Batangas-Motor-Banca met their doom...

#1. Take the joke!... Don't come out and hate Alec Baldwin for saying these... but it's probably the truth. Maybe there's still sites out there that sells Filipina brides... LOOK IT UP!

#2. Already said my piece about Hayden Kho.

#3. Maybe if you were doing your job (not Resiklo or Exodus or Panday) you could've probably cemented laws about maritime safety.

Cha-Cha... I can't believe that even after a number of failed attempts to get this to go... they're still going for it! I just can't believe it. I just... can't... effin... believe it.... Give up effers... give up before money changes other politicians minds. I'm hoping that this would again get junked in the Senate, the house where my confidence still lies (except for a couple of idiots).

Ethics complaint... Jamby sucks... period, I'm not saying that Sen. Lacson's complains and qualms against Sen. Villar are idiotic, I respect what they find, if they're for real or if they're just ruining Villar's chance for the presidency, I won't know till the end. I just hate that Jamby Madrigal is out there rallying like the banner of ethics she claims she is. F this... this is a bunch of bull.


What a conference finals we're having. Denver are really on the Lakers case. They're fighting back and forth like the black and white pieces of the chess board. This series is really turning out to be a thriller, the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis... Nail Bitin, Gut Churnin, Ball Bustin kind of series. They're tied 2-2 with another game in LA tomorrow (9:00 am MLA Time).

And how about the Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers playoffs? Them Cavs are being exposed by the Magic. The Magic are already holding a commanding lead against the Cavaliers 3-1 and in three and a half games the Magic really dominated the Cavs, this began after the 2nd half of Game 1 where the Magic chased down a big Cavalier lead to win Game 1 in Cleveland. Game 2 was all Magic until that LBJ miracle. It should've been over if it wasn't for that... Games 3 and 4 went to the Magic with Game 4 going to OT.

I'm going to vacation this weekend along with the whole office and will probably get a rest day on Monday. Hopefully it won't rain... but CNN Weather (not PAGASA) said that it would probably rain in Subic on those days... so... F***!

a quick shoutout to my two bloggin friends... Happy Belated Birthday to Gel and Lei who went 21 and 24 last Monday and Tuesday respectively.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Grazie Mille Fabio!

Three years ago, a man who was fresh off a World Cup victory came on board with the mighty whites bringing not just good football on the pitch but his good nature in the locker room. He helped Real Madrid win two league titles (2006/07, 2007/08) and a Spanish Super Cup along with it.

Within the 54th minute mark against Mallorca, The former Ballon d'Or and Fifa World Player awardee has played his last match at the Santiago Bernabeu as a part of the Real Madrid outift.

Muchas Gracias Fabio! Adios!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Remembering a Son of the Suns

So tough to see good guys bid farewell...
But I guess we all know where they'll dwell.
No longer with pain and suffering that befell
but resting on wings of angels. They're well

RIP Wayman Tisdale.

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Los Angeles, We Have A Problem"

Getty Images

I'm not doubting the Lakers strength and talent. I'm still looking for a Laker win in Los Angeles in 2 days. But I'm still baffled by the thought that they couldn't close out on a team that's missing 2 of their best players (or at least how we know them).

Armed with a little warrior (Aaron Brooks) and the Argentinian Stud (Scola), The Rockets, unwilling to go out and be like Apollo 1 in this series, forced a do-or-die game 7 in Los Angeles for the chance to go into the Western Conference Finals against Denver.

The Rockets who looked like who never lost a beat, refueled at home after the 40-point beating they got from the Lakers in game 3, only lost 1 quarter to the Lakers in a game that seemed to be the one that would've sent the Lakers preparing to study Denvers game. Scola finished with 24 points and 12 rebounds and Brooks also chipping in 24 of his own to lead the Rockets barrage.

The Lakers on the other hand looked like they're clueless or maybe disheartened by the barrage they received from the Rockets (17-1) only closed in the 3rd quarter.

Now to my analysis, what's slowing the Mighty Lakers? What's keeping them out of their potential to dismember opponents in a way that fans are expecting them to? What ever happened to that refueled passion they're telling everyone about after they lost to the Celtics last year? I'm guessing these are the same Lakers that was battered and bruised by KG and company. Playing with their talent but not that motivated by their passion to win that crown.

Is it possible that the "zen" of Phil Jackson are slowing them down? Really making them feel relaxed and make them believe that they can still bag it in the next game? That's one thing I noticed with comparing the defending champions against these Laker team. The Celtics, without one of their big three, has been fighting until the last minute and see themselves win games. You can't deny the leprechauns heart, no matter how much I dislike this team, they comeout, ready to play.

The Lakers on the other hand, a team who appears to have everything to lose, are coming out that way... A team that has everything to lose. Now they're on a brink of an upset.

It's win or go home for them.

And Bingo was his Name-o!

[from YouTube]
F.F. Cruz senior, recorded on video signing documents in the bathroom of COMELEC, during the recent bid procedures for the automated election system for 2010, while the chairman Ferdinand Rafanan gave him three hours to find missing bid documents and publically waiting for a representative of his company to show up. May 6, 2010 - 5:29 pm

Man talk about the dirty stuff really happening in washrooms. At least these signings are done over the table, well the bathroom sink in this situation.

Don't you just love when phone cameras are doing what they're supposed to do? From celebrities capturing themselves doing the dirty deed to politicians being caught doing their own version of dirty deeds. Awesome... just plain -bleeping- awesome!

This is the Philippines ladies and gentlemen, love it... and start to really go out and feel it within your guts your uttermost disgust for inglorious bastards such as these mother-bleepers-.

I'm calling you out -bleepers-! explain yourselves...

I'm watching you...

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well today I started browsing the net for the gadgets that I have been thinking of getting this year. Since budget has been flowing so far, I can stop dreaming on some of these and hopefully I can bag some of them by the end of this year.

Canon EF 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 II USM Standard Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras

Price: about 11,000

Well, this is something that I know that I might need soon. A zoom lens, I haven't really decided on what to get for zoom lenses since there's a 55-250mm that would be around 12,000 and an 85mm prime lens that would be a bit pricey at 18,000 but would gladly share wonderful bokeh-ish shots like my 50mm have been delivering so far.

I'm expecting the performance for both zoom lenses would be the same as the kit lens (18-55mm) that I already have. So I guess it won't be that bad?

Plan: Save up 2,500 per pay day and manage to gather 5,000 per month. I can manage to get the 28-105 or the 55-250 in 2.5 months tops.

Target: September-October of 2009

Need or Want?: Want (can wait till summer of 2010)

iPod Classic 120GB

Price: about 12,000

This is something that I have always wanted. A big storage mp3/video player that can fit right into my pocket. This would really cater my 50gb+ mp3's that I'm already carrying in my external hard drive. And not to forget the series that I have been faithfully watching for the past 3 or so years. Talk about having Jack Bauer take on terrorists while you're on a plane heading to Hong Kong, or on a Bus heading to Makati.

But there's a little competition on this aspect of gear craving. I want to try the Microsoft Zune since it now has a 120gb model too. With its bigger screen and nice design, and the transfer fidelity that it offers, I'm thinking why not give it a shot? It's priced at around USD 250 (approximately PHP 12,500 or less). The only remaining problem would be the lack of official distributors in the Philippines and of course... service warranties.

Plan: My 13th month would straightly go into funding this craving. Nothing will stop that, unless someone gives me one before December arriveth.

I can now retire, or pass on my 1GB Creative Zen Stone to someone else.
I hate not having the ability to change my playlist when my mood changes in the middle of a long travel.

Target: December of 2009

Need or Want?: WANT!

Canon EOS 500D

Price: 44,000

Well my 300D is a little old and is outdated and is way behind when it comes to technology. This 500D is offering video capture and holds a DIGIC 4 processor aswell. This would be a big upgrade from my 300D who has done nothing but amazing for me so far.

That would mean faster clickage and good ISO range. But then again... all photos would still depend on the man behind the machine.

So I guess 300D won't worry that much on being replaced.

Plan: Not really planning to buy this one at the moment

Target: 2012? 2013? 2014?

Need or Want?: Just an afterthought


Price: About 28,000

Well my desktop at home has been on life support for a couple of years already. It's almost 5 years old and is begging to be buried beneath the sands of time. Placed into a museum to be admired by kids who are wearing space jumpsuits and licking digital lollipops, who have been Living Long and Prospering.

I guess it's time, like Star Trek, for a reboot. My table would need a new digital era composed of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 coming out soon, Left 4 Dead and what not...

Starcraft II and Diablo III anyone?

So what you see there is the ECS A780 motherboard, an AMD Phenom II X4 processor and a 22" Samsung Monitor to start things off. The plan would also include a 500Gb Seagate Barracuda Hard drive, 2 pieces of 2GB DDR2 Memory Modules, and a pack of Skittles.

Plan: 2,500 per pay day would equate to 5,000 a month, and we're looking at 6 months tops. That would mean, move over lens, to see this machine rise around November of this year.

Target: November of this year

Need or Want?: Want and Need... (Daddy needs his zombie killing spree)

With all things said here, I'm looking at a new PC by November and 120gb worth of Music by Christmas of 2009. If properly budgeted and planned, I may be looking at change of wardrobe too since this would also mean that I'd be eating less and spending less on burgers...

I'd probably need new jeans and clothes by then too...


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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bargain Bin

Now that Canon is coming out with new models this year, It's time to strike and help Canon to write the old inventory out of their warehouses. If you're the type who's not really looking towards the new models, but more of price conscious then this former $179 (SRP) camera should make you think, since this Canon PowerShot SD1100 has a 8 megapixel camera with a 3x zoom and a 2.5 inch screen is on sale at Staple's mortar-and-brick stores for $129.99 (Php 6500 est). [via GearCrave]

for more info about the camera check these sites:

So if there's anyone I know who is coming home here and can bag me this bargain. Let me know! I think I'd love to have one of these, or maybe my mom would appreciate this too. So just let me know!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

For My Mom

Yesterday in church, they asked me to say something for my mom since it's mothers day.
So for my mom I wrote this...

So here's one to my mom
My only girl while I still have none
To the woman who carried me in her tummy
To the woman who took care of me when my nose was runny
To the woman who makes my day bright and sunny
when I wake up to something yummy
To the reason why I have this big tummy
thought I'd just say that to sound funny
And before I start to sound corny
I just wanna say...
I love you mommy.

Happy Mothers Day.

I also wrote this with crayons heh

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The National Anthem Baloon!!!

Oh my friggin goodness gracious... These guys couldn't just let the so called "issue" go.

Now they're filing a case...

so I guess we should let these guys have it...

let's give mister Barzaga (Cavite Rep) a round of applause for being such a patriot and defender of our good country by filing a case to a person who misinterpreted the National Anthem...

I guess this would be my last rant of this issue... unless something else that's totally unnecessary comes up that would deserve a post.

Seriously I live right next to Cavite, and I didn't hear an uproar from the crowd... If I ever did hear one... it's probably because Pacman knocked the lights out from the Hitman in 2 rounds... or probably because it's traffic again in their place.

To all who are against on how it was sung... here's my middle finger to all your uptight asses... False Nationalists... I bet you guys don't even follow the road rules... how do I know? I LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR JURISDICTION!

I'm not generalizing everyone who lives in the good province of Cavite. But to the ones that I have encountered along the road... you know who you are, and you know what you do.

news source: GMANews - Charges vs Martin Nievera


Regarding the National Anthem Issue...

I believed I addressed the wrong Atienza on that one. I though it was former Mayor Atienza, it was a different one pala.

But I still think the public reaction towards the rendition is a little over the line. Seriously? I don't even see anyone singing it when It's being sung here in our country. People stand and not mind it, why the public outcry that it's foul...

I still stand by my word that an artists creativity and passion can still be infused to how they wanna do it.

Do Not Break The Diet

Amidst the confliction, amidst the pain and suffering... we should always remember to keep our eyes on the prize.

I feel you Shaq! I truly do... but I have vowed to pursue the Shaq-lite movement. And that would mean that we should avoid them doughnuts... at all cost...

Presenting Your 2009 NBA MVP

It's not much of a surprise, but here's a video to prove just why he deserves the landslide win for the award. And I don't think he's done improving... 2009 is just the first of many...

So I hope you don't go to New York... I just don't like the whole idea... But I liked the idea of Nash heading to Phoenix, and who knew he'll win back to back MVP awards there? right?

anyway.. stay in C-land... build your dynasty there!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The National Anthem Issue

I think there never is. These guys just wants to get into the media so they bashed Martin Nievera's rendition of the National Anthem. True, it's supposed to be sung like a marching song, but then again, a singer has his own expressions and should have freedom to express his feelings towards the song he sings.

And to Atienza... I don't even know where to begin with. I hate politicians masquerading as having sense of Filipino pride in them. I think, Sir, You guys have none. Why? If you have some irk of Filipino pride in you then I think with all the taxes we pay, the Philippines should be something else by now.

I don't think someone who rapes their motherland has a say on how to protect the motherland.

As for me... I'll remain to love the Philippines and will express it in any creative way that I am free to do so.

news source: GMANews Article about the National Anthem Issue

Monday, May 04, 2009

Weekend Roundup (A Great Day To Be Pinoy)

Not just Pound-for-Pound king... but debated to be King of the Ring

I guess every had already blogged what they saw yesterday... a date to remember, when Manny P. knocked the lights out of the Hitman.

I wouldn't go further into detail but I'd like to thank for the live streaming they gave us cheapos who's unwilling to spend about 400+ bucks to watch it live.

I'd also want to thank Smart myTV for giving me the live (no commercial) feed on my Nokia N77 fone. It was awesome!!!! Although it did drain my battery though, since it's been on from the Boston-Chicago game 7 (that Boston won 109-99) to the 5 minute and 59 seconds fight.

It was such a great day to be a Filipino yesterday. Not only was our flag waved in Las Vegas, the streets was free of traffic and... the report just came in that the Nation... was... wait for it... crime free. For maybe half a day... the whole Philippines sat back on a Sunday afternoon, and became one...

Funny comment on the radio though, the reason why the nation was crimeless for a day was because all of the bastards was in Las Vegas... heh heh heh.

With that said, we all say hello to Monday...

Friday, May 01, 2009

Revenge of the Lechon

image from the movie: Lord of the Flies

Now that the swines that we have slaughtered in exchange of happiness during Filipino festivities are making their move of vengeance... our government suited up their preparedness and approved a 10 million budget for swine flu capsules. That will buy 100,000 capsules... for the country... who pretty much embraces pigs...

Yup... that'll really reaaaaally help.

other pandemics wreaked havoc and brought down millions of lives... well I guess, and hope that we won't really get hit by this pandemic.

So to everyone... beware of pigs... that goes to a certain... nevermind.

sources: GMA News Article, Other Pandemic Article