Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ferrari F50mm!!!!!

My friend Leon said that this lens would make any shot look good.

So I put that myth to the test, I went out and shot random stuff... Car emblem, a gate, a plate number, a vodka bottle, my laptop, and indeed it made things look awesome.

So here's some of my shots.

I name the next composition... "yeah right!"


Gel said...

Wow befef ibang klase, ndi ka na mareach! Pero alam mo, wala naman sa camera talaga yan eh. Nasa eye mo yan for photography at oo hanga ako sayo ;) Hunaaaks!

chiui said...

cool shots! heehee. is that your car?

Marco de Jesus said...

yup... that's the DJ mobile :) 9 years old with the family and counting :)

Marco de Jesus said...

and thanks for the comment chiui :)

Kat - Kat said...

astig naman yan! how much yung lens na yan. bka gumaling aku sa photography :P hihi ;)) nice shots!