Thursday, April 16, 2009

Short Changed

I feel bad today!

I rode a cab going to work, but unfortunately mister cab driver doesn't have change for a 500 bill, so I asked him to wait for him while I withdraw small bills, which I did. When I came out of the bank smiling, holding the 100 peso bill that I was to give the cab (and I was planning to bless him with the whole hundred) he wasn't there anymore.

I waited for him to come around for 10 minutes outside the bank, but to no avail, he didn't come back.

I don't roll this way. He gave me a service to which I should repay. But I don't know where he went or why he left. So I just pray that things go his way today.


I feel bad today.


Gel said...

Yikes, so you weren't able to pay him? That's sad. Usually when that happens to me I feel guilty as well. Even though I got services for "free", in those kinds of circumstances I still feel the need to pay.

...unless I got your story wrong and he stole your 500 from you o_o Haha.

Marco de Jesus said...

no no... he didn't get anything... which is the sad part.

iRonnie said...

pay it forward..

Lei said...

Barya lang po sa umaga! :P

I think dapat talaga when you plan to commute and its early pa you should always have change :) Buti ganyan yung nangyari sayo, paano kung yung kagaya sa UST student na ayaw sya suklian, etc.

But like what iRonnie said, pay it forward na nga lang :)

Marco de Jesus said...

yup... pinangkain ko nalang nga... frankfurter!