Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Really #2

this portion of political and other events ranting was inspired through SNL's weekend update. I guess, in this day and time, there's just too many stuff that would make you ask...

It's everywhere, inches away from each other, and miles apart.
Politicians faces are just plastered on every city around the Philippines bearing the same message you've read on the other side...

REALLY?!? do we really really really have to know that you're doing your job? REALLY?!?

I mean REALLY... isn't that something that you're supposed to do to begin with?

REALLY?!? you'd just have to plaster your face right next to your face to say a different message? REALLY?!?

You just have to spend some of OUR hard earned money to congratulate the graduates of this year... or the new people that would put money into your pockets... REALLY?!???

REALLY?!? my parents took care of me without making a banner about it... and you just have to for one meter of road repair project.. REALLY?!?

so instead of using the money for schools and extra books or programs for the less fortunate...

you need to have your picture taken, edited to make you look less of a schmuck you guys already are to be placed around our city like a movie poster.

REALLY!?!???!! motherbleepers... REALLY?!??

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