Friday, April 10, 2009

Where Tabachoy Happens

Well... It's a two day work week sandwhiched by holidays... and what does one person do when theres no work? Go Bananas with food! And since I just wanna blog about anything for a change... here's a detailed list of what I ate throughout the day... get ready to get bored.


Since this is the first meal of the day... I always look forward to kicking a day off with a bang... and by bang I mean a kingly meal.

The table was prepared with fried rice, scrambled eggs, sweet ham paired with hot choco and puto maya on the side.
Sidenote: when my mom gets busy in the kitchen... expect magic. My belly could be presented as evidence for that.

How can you go wrong with that? I had two runs at it. As always... breakfast = awesome.


Twas a bit different since my mom wants to dial the meat down today so she went with sweet and sour fish, mixed veggies (twas the innards of a fresh lumpia without the wrapper) salad with her own sauce to boot, and lumpiang shanghai for the non seafood eaters at home.


We we're having a movie day with my dad on the room when sandwhiches (with the left overs from this morning) came up the room. Me, my dad and my brother had a piece each when we we're still craving for more... Enter Lucky Me Pansit Canton and toasted bread.

I missed eating Pansit Canton... it's been a while since I last had those...


Oh dinner was something... My mom made grilled garlic chicken, and cream of corn soup.
I had two servings for dinner... but then again... it's vacation so... guilt is turned off.

Long weekends: Where Tabachoy Happens.


Lei said...

Wow! Food trip! Ang sipag ng mom mo magluto huh.

We also had sweet and sour fish fillet yesterday for lunch :) Sarap! Ako naman anything na seafood d na ako makakausap dahil todo concentrate ako sa kinakain ko haha! I remember two days ago, fried tilapia yung dinner may tinatanong na pala sa akin si Mommy hindi ko sya pinapansin kasi sarap na sarap ako sa kinakain ko haha!

Marco de Jesus said...

Haha ako naman pili ako sa seafood... basta matinik yan? pass ako jan... hehe like bangus I won't eat bangus unless it's boneless.