Friday, April 17, 2009

Handing Out the Hardware

The NBA Regular season has ended, and we're just actually hours away from playoffs. Before any predictions are done, let's talk about the Regular Season Awards. From Rookie of the Year, Most Improved Player to the Most Valuable Player.

6 awards given to 6 individuals... who are they? time to get your votes in.

Most Improved Player

the award given to a player who basically is a nobody and went in this season and made some impact. One example who won this award about 2 or 3 years ago was former Phoenix Sun, Boris Diaw.

With this seasons crazy injury woes, there's alot of moments and alot of players who really took over those spots... and the nominees for the Boris Diaw award are...

Paul Milsap of the Utah Jazz
Thaddeus Young of the Philadelphia 76ers
Andrea Bargnani of the Toronto Raptors
Troy Murphy of the Indiana Pacers

Some blogs may have placed Danny Granger, Devin Harris and Brandon Roy in this category. But I came to thinking, these guys we're already built to be studs and they we're already delivering during their early years why place them here when they already hold their own respective franchises? so cheers to the 2nd unit guys who stepped up.

The Butter Pick:
I'm torn between the 4 players, Milsap became Boozer when he was out, Thaddeus Young told the Sixers management they didn't need Brand after all, Bargnani stepped up and showed what he can really do later this season, and Murphy went from a 10-10 guy to a potential 20-20 guy.

But with all said and done, my vote would go to the Italian Stallion, Andrea Bargnani simply because he's the one that improved his numbers from his previous season, heck even the 1st half of this season.

Defensive Player of the Year

The award who is unconsciously awarded to the big men of the league. The list hosts a barrage of bigs from Dikembe Mutombo to Ben Wallace to Marcus Camby and Kevin Garnett.

This years nominees are all worthy of the Defensive Player of the Year and the list this year may be mistaken for the MVP award too. Without further ado, here are the nominees for your Defensive of the Year award.

Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers
Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic
Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat
Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets

The Butter Pick:
With this list? It's going to be another tough pick for me. But let's analyze one by one and see who would get my vote.
Lebron James, the heart and soul of the Cavs, would be seen locking on an opponent and never giving up on fast break. You'll see this man fly up and block shots or hustle you to give up the ball to him.
The next guy is an obvious nomination, Superman himself who leads the league in blocked shots and boards grabbed. should we even continue discussing this award? or give it to the only big here... who by tradition should get it.
Dwayne Wade... Mister do it all from scoring points, rebounding, stealing and blocking shots from guards to 7-footers (hello Dirk).
Chris Paul got my nomination simply because this guy logs 5+ steals on any given night. Don't dribble in front of this man.

After the analysis, I'd still give it to Dwight. This man really stops people. Heck the fantasy world even made a word for stupified centers against Dwight.
Another year another DPOY to a big.

Coach of the Year

The award given to the coach who did very well this season. To the coach who basically changed the tides of the franchise.. without further ado, here are your nominees.

Mike Brown of the Cleveland Cavaliers
Phil Jackson of the Los Angeles Lakers
Stan Van Gundy of the Orlando Magic
and... please give it to this man
Jerry Sloan of the Utah Jazz

The Butter Pick:
The obvious pick here is Mike Brown since he really reeled the Cavs to certain heights.
But then again Sloan is something else. He never had his full roster for the whole season and he also trusted in guys like Ronnie Brewer, Price and Miles and of course Most Improved Player nominee Paul Milsap to save the sound of the Jazz.. and guess what, they managed to stay on the playoffs.

out of sympathy and with the fact given... COY = Jerry Sloan... but we all know Mike Brown would win the real one.

6th Man of the Year:

The award given to the fire off the bench. The 6th starter of the team, the energizer bunny and the game changer when the starters are out. Past winners of this award are Leandro Barbosa, Manu Ginobili, Mike Miller and Ben Gordon... let's see who'll get them this year.

JR Smith of the Denver Nuggets
Nate Robinson of the New York Knicks
Jason Terry of the Dallas Mavericks
Charlie Villanueva of the Milwaukee Bucks

The Butter Pick:
JR Smith of the Denver Nuggets.
It's a toss up between Jason Terry or him, you all know how I hate the Mavs so... Smithy gets it. But consider how he provides fire power off the bench, and was consistent coming in the 2nd half of the season with 30+ points there and good FG%. This guy really matured under Billups guidance and he may even be overlooked for this award... so Smithy.

Rookie of the Year:

awarded to the most significant rookie for this year. A man who defies what being a rookie is and provides leadership and inspiration to a team. Amongst these ROY winners, some of them became MVP's of the league, to name a few Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Lebron James, Allen Iverson, Shaq and Benjie Paras to name a few. Emerging franchise players like Chris Paul, Brandon Roy and Durantula also won this award. The players who would be gunning for this one this year are the following:

Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls
Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder
Brook Lopez of the New Jersey Nets
OJ Mayo of the Memphis Grizzlies

honorable mention: Michael Beasley of the Miami Heat, Eric Gordon of the LA Clippers and Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Butter Pick:
The obvious one... Derrick Rose. Westbrook and Mayo would fight for it but it all falls down to consistency and Derrick Rose is posting consistent numbers on any given night. Lopez does too but Rose transformed a lottery team to a 7th seed team in one season, who's under a rookie coach too. This guy has superstar written all over him... and he looks like he doesnt even give a damn about it.

Most Valuable Player Award

This award is given to the player who did the most impact in the league. This is the most prominent individual award to any player since upon receiving this you're just one career away to the Hall of Fame along with the MJ's the Magic's the Kareem's the Bird's the Pierce? Kidding, that holds no truth. The nominees are...

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers
Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic
Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat
Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers

sorry Pierce... you ain't the greatest player in this league... heck not even in the fantasy leagues hah.

The Butter Pick:
I'm sleepy... Lebron James.
Best record, improved individual statistics, improved teammates and these guys arent even in the caliber of who KB has but theyre on top. This guy can control a game offensively and defensively. No doubt we're seeing another MVP wearing the number 23.

So those are my picks... how about yours? FIYAH!!

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