Thursday, April 09, 2009

When in Rome...

do as the Roman does...

When in the Philippines?
... do as the Pinoy does... piss your neighbors.

Today I've experienced my most stressful drive ever coming home from Eagle Ridge to home.

This is from General Trias Cavite to Las Pinas and I passed through Amadeo Road then Aguinaldo Highway then more roads that eventually lead me to Marcos Alvarez... otherwise known as the road to Moonwalk.

And seriously, I've never been stressed out with driving... I'd rather drive along EDSA than go through all those crap again.

And this is typical road behavior by our countrymen... Here's the detailed list of my stress elements.

#1. Jeepneys stopping in the middle of the road with broken tail lights.
- Consider that the road is a two lane road, that would usually make you run from about 40-60 kmph and right in front of you... a jeep would suddenly stop without warning! since his tail lights aren't functioning... So what would you do? scream at the top of my lungs (of course the windows are down... but it felt gooood) and flick a finger at the driver.

#2. Bicycle riders who are uungas ungasing themselves on the road.
- first define uungas ungas... uungas ungas is when these riders couldnt regain balance so they'd swing their handlebars from left to right... and they'd look like ungasses on the road. In my scenario... a two lane road (one per direction) and you have an uungas ungas biker on the side that takes away half of the road since you can't really go fast beside him... kasi nga uungas ungas eh... sumemplang pa siya... so kelangan ko pa siyang sundan... kasi d din ako maka overtake... leche.

#3. People that walk on the road.. not the sidewalk.
- so pano ako dadaan? punyemas! masagi ko pa yung grocery niya. lente!

#4. Bike na cuma-counterflow...
- HELLO!!!!!

#5. Taong biglang tatawid sa highway.
- these people don't know that it's hard to see them when its dark and youre eyes are catching the headlights of the vehicles coming from the opposite direction... ang bwisit pa dito... makikipag tanggo pasila sayo... pag aandar ka na... saka pa sila tatawid.

#6. Tricycles on the highway.
- as far as i know these guys shouldnt be allowed to run there... so I don't know what theyre doing there... stopping on a no left turn intersection... to turn left.

So these are the stress elements that I encountered on the road... and some of them went one after the other.

And I know that these things happen everytime to everyone... so...

When in the Philippines?
do as the Pinoy does...

I love the Philippines... but the people living in this country is the best ones that I know in pissing off their neighbors... Traffic palang to.


iRonnie said...

cool ka lang.. tutal holy week naman ngayon, consider it a penitence. a "daily" penitence. lol

Lei said...

Calm down! :)

Entertainment din yan habang nagddrive lalo na if mag-isa ka lang :P

Its also a lesson na rin to be more patient haha!

I was surprised at walang MOTORCYLCES sa stress elements mo :)

Marco de Jesus said...

@ Roni: hehehe tinetest ang aking temper haha

@ Lei: oo nga no... maybe d ko sila na encounter that day... but on any other day... i'd probably shoot them with my finger gun too...