Saturday, April 18, 2009

To Serve and Protect: Really?

If you've been watching the news lately, then you won't be a stranger to the news about the roughing up of Ted Failon's entourage (helpers and in-laws) by the QCPD. To which everyone else cries foul. Well, if you've been dragging and arresting everyone in sight without warrant... then I guess you have this coming. If you want to see how Mr. Failons in-laws are treated then you can watch it here.

Yesterday while going home, we we're tuned in the AM frequency and listening to the Vice Chairman of NaPolCom (National Police Commission) enumerate the violations these "men in uniform" made.

1. You cannot make warrantless arrests 24 hours from the moment the crime was done. Plus they're not within the scene and no concrete evidences were found to make these arrests.

2. The violation: Obstruction of Justice isn't valid since they found the body and these individuals didn't hide evidence. These cops even saw them clean the blood, and the weapon was presented to them.

In my opinion they're just making these arrests so that they won't look like they don't have a single clue on how to investigate, or what they're going to do. Too bad for them, these people are the MEDIA... so say hello to the public spectacle you're creating... clueless bastards.

3. The arrested parties Miranda rights was not read.
According to Vice Chairman, if these cops violated this procedure... they might face 8-10 years in prison... better yet... tie them where the public passes and have them be spat at or slapped in the face or chest (WOOOOO!) by anyone who wishes to do so.

These are only some of the stuff I remembered from yesterday. These motherless bastards are totally out of their place.

Commission on Human Rights and the NaPolCom are clearly hands on in this issue. Senator Kiko Pangilinan already took notice on this and said these actions should be condemned. The public is already outraged by how things are being done by this... honorable?... men.

Now the question is... What the -bleep- is up with these mother-bleep-ing -bleep-ers??
What should be done to them?
Your call...


Ai~ said...

You're so right. Napaka-Draconian ng pagkaka-aresto sa mga kamag-anak ni Ted Failon. Tinanggal yung 4 sa police officers as a sign of contrition, since his wife did pass away after his in-laws were arrested, but it's a little too late, ne?

(Got here from Gel the Stargirl. :) )

Marco de Jesus said...

It's not enough just to have them removed from the case... they should be forced to give up their badges... they don't deserve it.

If gays aren't allowed to become cops... idiots should be barred more.

at least gays would have more brains than these bastards.