Friday, October 31, 2008

NBA League Pass Channel?

To Cablelink subscribers...

anyone know if we still have the NBA League Pass Channel? If we still have it, what channel can I find it? I haven't seen it on channel 51 lately. :(

Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 3 (frustrated)

Frustrations have been piling up on me lately.

Saturday I lost a poker night, I never even got good cards on me... I got aces, true, but with 5's or deux... how would you bank on that?

Anyway on to the quest story.

Sunday afternoon, lunch time, the family decided to go to this restaurant named Cravings first, and as I went on looking for good stuff to order on the menu, this burger picture with melted cheese resting on a thick patty dawned on me, the name beside it even made it better... I will order the Ultimate Cheeseburger... its not just any other Ultimate Cheeseburger... the menu says that it's THE Ultimate Cheeseburger.

but alas... it wasn't available, so we decided to go to Wendy's since everyone was looking forward for burgers that day. As I was looking for something similar to THE Ultimate Cheeseburger (which they dont have) I just ordered what seems to be the most expensive (hoping it's the best they have), The Big Bacon Classic Burger. I told my mom that that's what I like and I went on to bring my nephew to the toy store and get a lesson from him about the names of DC Superheroes.

When I got back the burger wasn't there yet, and I had my expectations running. I munched on some ridiculous fries (not a compliment). It took another 10 minutes and a couple of follow ups to get the staff into realizing that we're still not yet served. Rushing to the end of the story, they mistook my order of the Bacon Classic to... a... Bacon Cheeseburger... wrapped in some normal paper wrap was this maybe less than 6 inch burger that has a thin slice of burger patty, a piece of bacon and torn up cheese. It was less than appealing and it took me about 20 minutes more to realize that i'm hungry and I need to eat that burger no matter what.

I ate the zombified thing that they call a burger. I could've had something better from Burger Machine or Minute Burger. Their buns tasted old... I never even got a taste of what the patty tastes like. It was an utmost disaster and piled up more on the frustrations that has been piling me up all week.

That burger is out there... and unfortunately these zombies are too. But that BURGER is out there somewhere, waiting to be had, waiting to be appreciated, taken care of, and to be loved. She's somewhere out there... And I won't stop until I have her around my palms.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

To Leave or Not To Leave

2 years have passed and enter year 2009, 5 months into it, I'd be gunning for three years working in the same company. I've held my own during that stretch, and reasons to stay have gone by. Friends went on to move to another chapter of their work life, Pay has gone from 15th/30th to weekly to guessing. As for me, I wonder with some of my friends, why am I still here?

I used to give out this answer, that I'm happy working there. I didn't mind the delayed pay that I'm getting, I get to learn software development related stuff and such. Right now I'm just full of sh... I ran out of leaves to take day offs, and honestly I don't even care if I lose a days wage just to stay in bed. The office has gone from a place where smiling places and stories come and go to... a fallout shelter with a handful of survivors. It's not the beacon of light that everyone has become accustomed to. Is it time for me to abandon ship?

I don't know where I'm going to see myself after this one though. I'm also thinking to study for a little while, but I don't really know if I can do that at home. Or I could reinsert myself in the industry by looking for another job, new office, new environment, or simply go rogue on this, freelance after studying.

As of now I'm liking the last option since I could go and have my hand on my time and I could shoot here and there with my camera every once in a while. Do the things that I really like instead of waking up everyday dragging myself from bed and put on pants and collared shirts and go to work. I used to like, I just don't know if I can say the same thing right now.

I'm giving myself two months to think about this. December 2008... To leave? or not to leave...

... ... sometimes I think why I even add the 2nd question.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Day 2 (The Journey Continues)

The following events happened between 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

And so the journey continues in search of the best burger in town. I was told of the burger in Chef d' Angelo, and again my mouth watered. I already have seen it in a plate since that's what my officemate orders when we eat there. And for what it's worth I also enjoy their Salisbury Steak which could be their burger patty as well. With these things in mind and anticipation in part of my mouth, I approached my colleagues to accompany me to Chef d' Angelo in Greenbelt 1 to order one for my fill, but they had other plans.

They already have plans to go to Glorietta to check pillows and shirts. I told myself, well I can still pass by Chef on our way back. We left the office around 12:00 pm and minutes later we're in Greenbelt 1. I realized that Glorietta from Greenbelt is a good 15-20 minute walk, so thats already almost half an hour, plus the time to check shirts and pillows would cost another 30 minutes, the walk back from Glorietta is another 15-20 minute walk, plus the line in Chef and the order time, we'd arrive late in the office so I just decided to leave the dream for a day and continue another day, off we go to Glorietta.

As soon as we arrived in Glorietta a light bulb switched on my mind when I saw what greeted us when we got in. It was a poster of the burgers that made this fastfood chain declare themselves as a King. One decker followed by a double decker followed by a triple decker burger... Burger King said welcome to us when we got in and I knew right there and then that my journey continues.

Skipping through the details of shirt buying and pillow picking, we went to the store to get a glimpse of what I'm eating for lunch today. And choices flooded the menu from left to right starting from the Angus Steakhouse Burger to Chicken Sandwhiches to the BK Deckers to the Whoppers. But I was there for one thing and one thing only, taste what they have to offer and I had my eyes set on the Classic Angus Steakhouse Burger beacause the Loaded version of it was just too nasty (it had mashed potatoes in it).

3rd in line, 2 people away in anticipation of holding that new taste within my hands. It took me 5 minutes to get to the Cashier, to the promised digital machine. I gave my order... 1 Classic Angus Steakhouse Burger with large onion rings and regular drink for take out.

After the order we planned to take the cab because I just couldn't wait to taste what the King can offer. few more minutes I was sitting down on our pantry carefully laying down one meal piece after another. First I took out the Large Onion Rings and placed it carefully on the table and welcoming it to my office since minutes later it'll say goodbye to this world while it serves its purpose. Next was the drink, a fairly size drink that's enough to wash down what I'll have later on. And last but not least the Masterpiece that is the Classic Angus Steakhouse Burger.

It was atleast as heavy as the Jollibee Champ, but I felt the force on this one. I knew right there and then that I will not be disappointed today, I knew right there and then that the Champ will relinquish its day-old belt to the one I was holding at that moment. Slowly I began to unwrap the burger like it was a gift under the tree on Christmas morning. One side at a time, carefully and slowly like making love for the first time. And inch by inch I can finally see it. The patty was about half an inch outside its bun and the cheese was one with the patty. Huge slices of tomatoes, lettuce and bacon bits was inside this masterpiece. I began to admire what I have in my hand, and I started to apologize for what I was about to do. I knew right there and then that the Angus cow gave me a nod of acknowledgement that he died so that I can enjoy that moment there. He along with the onion that was being taken piece by piece was serving their purpose. They have lived their lives not in vain.

Slowly my mouth opened, eager, yet careful... and there it was... the first bite. I was out of description at that moment, but a grunt of satisfaction was belched. I chewed that burger until it was so masticated that it couldn't recognize itself already. I remembered what God knew when He created the world... in the Bible, it said that when God saw His creation He knew that it was good. And upon biting that burger... swallowing every bit of it I felt the same thing, the same (well maybe not really the same) feeling... It was good... I was having a good lunch.

The burger was done, the meal was gone and there I was still thinking about the better burger out there as I was licking my finger of any residue the burger left on it. This beef took the belt right out of the Champ.

And it was good...

... The Quest (Explanation of what it is + Day 1)

Eversince watching episode 2 of How I Met Your Mother, my mouth couldn't stop watering. It just had to stop. I have to find the best burger that my taste buds can ever taste, I just have to.

And this is how I plan to go about the tons of burgers that are around Manila. I'll just eat everything that I can grab hold on to. It doesn't matter if it comes from a local resto or fast food or a clubhouse... as long as it is a burger I'll have to get hold of it.

Health wise... this is suicide... so I'd probably go through 2 burgers a week or 3 a month. This is a long quest, and I don't want to burn out quick.

Day 1 (10-6-2008)
the following events took place between 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Office hours was ending and my mouth started to water. I felt the primitive urge within me... I just had to eat something, I was hungry... and I'm hungry for beef. So the search began for a good burger patty in between 2 perfectly shaped buns with sesame sprinkled on it. The taste of lettuce and juicy tomatoes that would circle your mouth until you find the taste of that pickle to go with that juicy burger that would make you not want to brush your teeth again.

So I went down the office with a friend of mine to search for the nearest place that offers a burger. So I saw this small place, Big Brothers sa Salcedo, in front of my office along Salcedo street corner Soria street, and entered it to begin my quest.

The first words that we're out of my mouth was a question if they offered a burger, which they did for 80 bucks. So I got my wallet and paid the fee that was needed for the purchase... a few minutes later I'm bringing back the first burger that would round up and try to make my tummy one happy tummy.

The anticipated first bite was taken after unwrapping the plastic that it had around it... and alas... it didn't hit the mark. It was a burger alright... but I wasn't happy... It has a pickle that tasted like cucumber, and too much of it that I couldn't even taste the burger anymore. I was shattered to have it as my first try. It came to me that this is going to be a long quest.

With a shattered dream, I hurried home.

the following events took place between 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm

The day was nearing it's edge, and I enjoyed a good Monday Night Basketball, and the haunting start of the quest came back to me as my stomach complained and requested for food. I remembered that I didn't eat anything for dinner since I rushed to the courts to make the game.

With 4 companions, we went to this local fastfood chain that everybody loves, Jollibee... Looking at the menu I knew I just had to get the Champ. My friend who went before me ordered one too after sharing the quest that I'm in... and minutes later I find myself in front of the cashier and with a smile on my face I told the guy that I'm going to get myself a Champ with regular fries.
He looked behind the counter and asked if they had a Champ ready to serve...

alas... It had to be made for me so he asked me if I could wait for 15 minutes for the mouth watering burger... My patience was being tested in this encounter and so I said yes. With regular fries and a big glass of water on my trey I went back to our seat tired, and bruised of hope... My mouth had to wait a little more.

One by one a fry went down, and my watch told me every moment that passed by. My friend who ordered a piece of chicken had his fill, my other friend who ordered the last remaining Champ was just beginning to bite on his, and the 4th member of the fellowship had his spicy chaofan on his plate... I remain patient, and so I took the fries slowly... piece by piece in anticipation of the best burger that this chain can offer.

A crew with a box on a trey started to come out of the counter, as he was inching slowly at our place my arched back begins to straighten up slowly. He stopped to get my number and checking the receipt if it was the correct order... The burger now landed in front of me, smoking of a freshly cooked patty and inviting my mouth to take a munch.

Slowly I begin to open the box, and there it was... The Champ. 1/3 beef patty with big slices of tomatoes and pickles, lettuce after the bun and a cheese on top of the burger... My day will not go down in vain. I took a moment to observe what I held within my hand, and then I took a bite.

There it was... the start of a brand new beginning... a burger I enjoyed! A good start for this quest! And so I just had to say it there and then... It's the best so far.

I went home with a smile and hope of more burgers to come.

After a shower, I slipped into my sheets. Tomorrow will be a brand new day.