Tuesday, October 07, 2008

... The Quest (Explanation of what it is + Day 1)

Eversince watching episode 2 of How I Met Your Mother, my mouth couldn't stop watering. It just had to stop. I have to find the best burger that my taste buds can ever taste, I just have to.

And this is how I plan to go about the tons of burgers that are around Manila. I'll just eat everything that I can grab hold on to. It doesn't matter if it comes from a local resto or fast food or a clubhouse... as long as it is a burger I'll have to get hold of it.

Health wise... this is suicide... so I'd probably go through 2 burgers a week or 3 a month. This is a long quest, and I don't want to burn out quick.

Day 1 (10-6-2008)
the following events took place between 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Office hours was ending and my mouth started to water. I felt the primitive urge within me... I just had to eat something, I was hungry... and I'm hungry for beef. So the search began for a good burger patty in between 2 perfectly shaped buns with sesame sprinkled on it. The taste of lettuce and juicy tomatoes that would circle your mouth until you find the taste of that pickle to go with that juicy burger that would make you not want to brush your teeth again.

So I went down the office with a friend of mine to search for the nearest place that offers a burger. So I saw this small place, Big Brothers sa Salcedo, in front of my office along Salcedo street corner Soria street, and entered it to begin my quest.

The first words that we're out of my mouth was a question if they offered a burger, which they did for 80 bucks. So I got my wallet and paid the fee that was needed for the purchase... a few minutes later I'm bringing back the first burger that would round up and try to make my tummy one happy tummy.

The anticipated first bite was taken after unwrapping the plastic that it had around it... and alas... it didn't hit the mark. It was a burger alright... but I wasn't happy... It has a pickle that tasted like cucumber, and too much of it that I couldn't even taste the burger anymore. I was shattered to have it as my first try. It came to me that this is going to be a long quest.

With a shattered dream, I hurried home.

the following events took place between 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm

The day was nearing it's edge, and I enjoyed a good Monday Night Basketball, and the haunting start of the quest came back to me as my stomach complained and requested for food. I remembered that I didn't eat anything for dinner since I rushed to the courts to make the game.

With 4 companions, we went to this local fastfood chain that everybody loves, Jollibee... Looking at the menu I knew I just had to get the Champ. My friend who went before me ordered one too after sharing the quest that I'm in... and minutes later I find myself in front of the cashier and with a smile on my face I told the guy that I'm going to get myself a Champ with regular fries.
He looked behind the counter and asked if they had a Champ ready to serve...

alas... It had to be made for me so he asked me if I could wait for 15 minutes for the mouth watering burger... My patience was being tested in this encounter and so I said yes. With regular fries and a big glass of water on my trey I went back to our seat tired, and bruised of hope... My mouth had to wait a little more.

One by one a fry went down, and my watch told me every moment that passed by. My friend who ordered a piece of chicken had his fill, my other friend who ordered the last remaining Champ was just beginning to bite on his, and the 4th member of the fellowship had his spicy chaofan on his plate... I remain patient, and so I took the fries slowly... piece by piece in anticipation of the best burger that this chain can offer.

A crew with a box on a trey started to come out of the counter, as he was inching slowly at our place my arched back begins to straighten up slowly. He stopped to get my number and checking the receipt if it was the correct order... The burger now landed in front of me, smoking of a freshly cooked patty and inviting my mouth to take a munch.

Slowly I begin to open the box, and there it was... The Champ. 1/3 beef patty with big slices of tomatoes and pickles, lettuce after the bun and a cheese on top of the burger... My day will not go down in vain. I took a moment to observe what I held within my hand, and then I took a bite.

There it was... the start of a brand new beginning... a burger I enjoyed! A good start for this quest! And so I just had to say it there and then... It's the best so far.

I went home with a smile and hope of more burgers to come.

After a shower, I slipped into my sheets. Tomorrow will be a brand new day.


Lei said...

Marco, your post made me hungry!! To think na I only had lunch awhile ago at I also bought a pack of chichacorn parang ayoko na tuloy ng chichacorn at gusto ko matry yung champ ng Jollibee!! I haven't tried the Champ yet even yung counterpart ng Champ sa McDo (which I can't remember the name dahil sa post mo haha)

Marco de Jesus said...

Lei it's the Big Mac... and due to the boringness of Mickey D's their burgers are disqualified unless they make a new burger... hehe