Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 3 (frustrated)

Frustrations have been piling up on me lately.

Saturday I lost a poker night, I never even got good cards on me... I got aces, true, but with 5's or deux... how would you bank on that?

Anyway on to the quest story.

Sunday afternoon, lunch time, the family decided to go to this restaurant named Cravings first, and as I went on looking for good stuff to order on the menu, this burger picture with melted cheese resting on a thick patty dawned on me, the name beside it even made it better... I will order the Ultimate Cheeseburger... its not just any other Ultimate Cheeseburger... the menu says that it's THE Ultimate Cheeseburger.

but alas... it wasn't available, so we decided to go to Wendy's since everyone was looking forward for burgers that day. As I was looking for something similar to THE Ultimate Cheeseburger (which they dont have) I just ordered what seems to be the most expensive (hoping it's the best they have), The Big Bacon Classic Burger. I told my mom that that's what I like and I went on to bring my nephew to the toy store and get a lesson from him about the names of DC Superheroes.

When I got back the burger wasn't there yet, and I had my expectations running. I munched on some ridiculous fries (not a compliment). It took another 10 minutes and a couple of follow ups to get the staff into realizing that we're still not yet served. Rushing to the end of the story, they mistook my order of the Bacon Classic to... a... Bacon Cheeseburger... wrapped in some normal paper wrap was this maybe less than 6 inch burger that has a thin slice of burger patty, a piece of bacon and torn up cheese. It was less than appealing and it took me about 20 minutes more to realize that i'm hungry and I need to eat that burger no matter what.

I ate the zombified thing that they call a burger. I could've had something better from Burger Machine or Minute Burger. Their buns tasted old... I never even got a taste of what the patty tastes like. It was an utmost disaster and piled up more on the frustrations that has been piling me up all week.

That burger is out there... and unfortunately these zombies are too. But that BURGER is out there somewhere, waiting to be had, waiting to be appreciated, taken care of, and to be loved. She's somewhere out there... And I won't stop until I have her around my palms.

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