Monday, May 28, 2007

180 Minutes More for the Sky!

Well, the title doesnt really have anything to do with the post, I just wanted to clear my mind off of things.

First of all, I should hand myself some excuse for scoring 67 in my 2nd 9 holes of golf. The first (on a different course) is somewhere near that number aswell. That being said, I'm no Tiger Woods, well... Not yet. Guys, I'm coming after your 50's!

Whew, and maybe the next thing that I should try to get rid off is this rainy day blues. After that chat I had a little over a week ago, everything messed up. My 'Quan' went haywire from left to right, much like what I did in the 1st hole yesterday where I think I shot 11 out of a potential Par 4. Everything, including my positivity, and not rushing, to now wanting her to go back home. This is nowhere near from what is sane. I know, I should let go... Maybe I will, this is why I made this chapter 'Up From The Get Go' too...

Hopefully I could boost myself away from it.

Mierde... Thats the best description I could give about this emotional roller coaster...

Staying positive, one day, It'll all come to a close... right?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jamming At The Front

A Tribute to the old gang back at home...

old days goes back
those times young and free
now bounded with distance
responsibilities and time

that which we didnt have
didnt care about since its there
now we seek that of was lost
to that, raise it up, lets toast

porches and garages
thats where we met and played
us friends, bonded more like brothers
when could we jam once more?

we laughed and never cried
had stiches and petty fights
pretty soon we'll unite
to relive those days of old

with a guitar on hand
music on our hearts
reminisce old times
once more, we'll jam at the front

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Told You So

I tried not to write
harder than I tried not to think
should it be remembered?
it shouldnt be even brought up to awaken

this monster, this emotion
needs to be taken through coercion
soon it will birth uncontrollable notions
this monster, this emotion

how soon was back then
how soon will it blacken
to be buried deep within my hearts depths
I told you that its better, behind we left

I couldnt bury the hatchet
of that one close to something
a start that everyone would imagine
surprises just took its toll

No regrets they told me to do
It was a good memory, indeed it was too
time now plays his cruel identity
constantly hits me that its never were

I tried not to write
harder than I tried not to think
knowing that its going to be hard to get rid
weak as I am, alas, I did...

Thursday, May 03, 2007


nothing to write,
yet my emotions scream
how could it show
when the sunlight melts this snow
a cold notion
theres no motion
seems that something was placed in that drink
a love potion
it wreaks my emotions
blank mind
oblivious thoughts
ridiculous ideas
why ponder something so simple
my arms are empty
nothing, not even a pimple
i write so i would free my mind
clear my chest, and wash my hands
to start anew
funny, i still think of you
I pray for this to be taken away
a human emotion, not fit for lonliness
placed in weak hands,
my heart you stole
one night, one smile
a cold notion
sets ablaze these emotions
it runs around freely
it ruins my mind secretly
let me be, let it be
ridiculous thoughts,
they cloud my attraction
so why can i just fill it up
they roam, my eyes they roam
notices everything, im free
one night, one smile
a cold night

now i can smile