Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jamming At The Front

A Tribute to the old gang back at home...

old days goes back
those times young and free
now bounded with distance
responsibilities and time

that which we didnt have
didnt care about since its there
now we seek that of was lost
to that, raise it up, lets toast

porches and garages
thats where we met and played
us friends, bonded more like brothers
when could we jam once more?

we laughed and never cried
had stiches and petty fights
pretty soon we'll unite
to relive those days of old

with a guitar on hand
music on our hearts
reminisce old times
once more, we'll jam at the front


Anonymous said...

kala ko pa nman para jam kcng nkalagay e. hehehe :D

Marco de Jesus said...

hehehe para to dun sa dati kong tropa sa village... pakalat kalat nalang kami e... :D

kung yung mga para sayo... dami jan hehe