Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Randomness

My documented hatred for the mindless wave that's sweeping the entire universe right now has just released the third part of their oh-so-awesome "saga" (sarcasm and air-quotes) and I just felt I'd put this Random Randomness quote I found over the interwebs. The reality of Edward Cullen.

Edward Cullen isn’t a vampire. He lives in the forest, roams around the trees, doesn’t kill people and glitters. So he is obviously a fairy.

Not a Fan but... Wow!

Never read the books, but followed all the movies (only on DVD). Can't lie that the Harry Potter series of movies is indeed one for the books (unlike the pretentious one that tagged itself a saga and also did a 2 part movie of the last book.). I'm not a fan but watching the trailer of the last film made me excited to see it on the silver screen. Check it out yourself.

Ok... but I won't lie that I love Hermo... Emma Watson.

and... shut up... you probably got excited watching the Eclipse trailer.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Currently Enjoying: Herbie Hancock (Possibilities, Imagine Project)

I grew up on my dad listening to people like Frank Sinatra, Al Jarreau and the likes. He influenced me to appreciate Jazz at an early age and have me singing New York, New York before I entered my teens. You can't blame me for having them on my iPod including the new crooners like Buble and the likes.

Lately, having searching where else have John Mayer been playing, I stumbled into this album by Herbie Hancock called "Possibilities". Then I met the piano genius. It's one of the most listened albums in my Pod not just because it featured Mayer and Sting and others, but because of the awesome things that Mr. Hancock does with his piano.

This June, after iTunes announced the release of his new one, The Imagine Project, featuring artists like India.Arie, John Legend, Dave Matthews, I didn't think twice and just hit the get on my iTunes store. And I don't regret that I even did. This just shot me back to my childhood sitting inside my dad's car while bobbing heads with him listening to Frank Sinatra's duets albums and Al Jarreau's live albums. This will certainly set me off to a Jazzy day today checking out all the other albums that I have on my extensive library.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hitler and the Vuvuzela

So what does Hitler, being with a new widescreen TV and surround sound system at home, think about the vuvuzelas?

To Die is Gain: Bol's Radical Faith

About a week ago, the NBA world was on a spotlight as the Celtics and the Lakers duked it out for the championship for the nth time. 7 epic games that added more story to the illustrious rivalry this two teams already have. But behind the curtains, little did we know about the sufferings of the man who's mostly known as the tallest player who graced the arena. Little did we know about the greatness of the man behind the circus attraction that we know of him. Little did we know of Manute Bol.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Currently Enjoying

Rarely do you encounter musical gems like Corinne Bailey Rae that would really help you soothe the weekday stress from you during a rainy Sunday night. Her tracks doesn't just let you smooth in your sheets, her album also gives you that Sade effect on you, if you know what I mean. [Now that's just for married couples].

If you got some extra dimes to spare, do check her albums out. This one I'm currently enjoying is her self titled album. Haven't got to check her new one, The Sea, yet. Will probably get it through the weekend.

Monday, June 21, 2010

What About the Prosperity Gospel?

Prosperity Gospel basically is the kind of gospel that is being preached all over the world that tells you that whatever you ask... you receive. Taking away your sight towards the cross and makes you focus on God's magical talent. No longer will you be called to repent of the sins you have committed but being invited to gain the life that you want, instead of losing it for His sake.

In this video, John Piper offers a little perspective on what he thinks about this kind of gospel. Check it out.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Game 7: Where Heart Attack Happens

And so it's all over. 48 minutes of gladiatorish back and forth battle between the Lakers and the Celtics. It's finally over with Lakers coming back from a 6 point Boston lead to turn it around in the 4th quarter for Kobe's 5th title and the Lakers 16th.

So Congratulations to you guys. Since you beat the Phoenix Suns to go the the Finals... You deserve the title more than the Celtics.

Going For The Kill: Final Game Of The Season

The Lakers and the Celtics are one of the most storied rivalries that has went through time and provided fans the match everyone is waiting for. Ever since the old Magic and Bird days, the rivalry didn't grace the Finals since KG and company reinforced Team Leprechaun last 2008 and eventually won the ring from Kobe and the Lakers. The Lakers then took the title the following year by beating a young Orlando team, and this year we're back with green and gold.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Currently Enjoying

Got to hear about these guys from the last time iTunes gave out free tunes to enjoy. I got to listen to their track 1901 which is the 2nd track on their album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. I forgot everything about them till I saw my friends tweets who was giddy about this band.

So yesterday, I gave these guys a chance. I don't regret any minute spent listening to these guys, and I advice anyone who has a wide range of music appreciation to check em out.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Diary of a LifeGroup Leader: The Battle for Staying Right in a Left-Leaning World

Humility versus Standing Firm.

For centuries possibly something more epic than what it is. Christianity, in my own observation through history and different perspective of denominations, have struggled to present what is outright right and where they stand. It varies from different doctrines from the bible to what you should wear during Sundays. And I found myself caught in the middle.

In a world right now, where relativity is the norm, It's hard to present what I believe is outright right and present what is outright wrong. I can't seem to get past the complex explanation as how the scholars have done it through their books and messages to how simple it should just be. This is where I find myself in between two contradicting essentials that believers should stand on. It's Orthodoxy and Context Simplicity. The struggle of being true, pure, right and staying that way while connecting to someone who doesn't know a single thing or have known a different kind of thing. It's my personal wrestling on Theology itself.

The Battle for staying right in a left-leaning world.

Monday, June 14, 2010


While still being coached by Ewing. Superman got himself packing to H-Town to receive more training under another Jedi Master. This time from The Dream.

Lots of training Superman needs. Learning he shall get.

Amazing Grace

After going through another season of me staying away from those that has to do anything with God, God still found me and took me back into arms. Like the shepherd who went out and looked for that lost sheep who couldn't seem to find his way back. Like a lifeguard who picked up a drowning man who couldn't will himself into safety. Like a fireman who saves a man inside a burning house. Like a Savior who draws a sinner who couldn't even think about Jesus into changing his heart to love Him back.

This hymn remains as one of the songs that doesn't fail to bring me into tears for remembering those things. Amazing grace indeed, something I did not deserve, but was still given.

This hymn was written by John Newton back in the 17th century after he found mercy while his ship was being battered by a storm. John Newton was actively participating in the slave trade back then.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Grounded Session 2: What Kind of Bread are we Seeking?

Every Friday night. Me and a bunch of friends meet up in one place to talk about Jesus and what He has and continually doing in our lives. For the following weeks, we have been going through the Bible and knowing Jesus as how the Bible portrays Him.

This is currently the 2nd message of the Grounded series we're on. And the purpose of the series would be going to the Bible and knowing the things on where we should be rooted on.

What kind of bread are we going after? Who is it all about? Am I the center of the Universe? Is it all about me? or is it about Jesus? Why do we run to him?

Big Baby Roooooth

I don't know what he saw from the stands. I don't know how good the hotdogs are in Boston. And I don't know what Big Baby was going for that Lil' Nate had to jump on his back to stop him. But Big Baby not only did want this secret thing so much, he dropped a drooly low.

Big Baby needs a Big Bib

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Machine is Back!

Back in '08 when the Lakers lost that finals series against the Celtics, these videos started to spread like virus within YouTube.

I've been expecting this one to pick up back again since the Lakers beat Phoenix to get into the NBA Finals for the third straight time and to relive the age old rivalry between the two teams.

Anyway, to lighten up the bashing of both fans, actually... not both. Here's the new video of The Machine hatin them leprechauns.

4 Years Ago

The wait is over. After four years has passed since we saw Italy beat France, we're finally back for more. Who would get to rise up among the 32 nations to lift up the gold in South Africa?

Who would be the next nation to hold the World Cup?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random Randomness

A friend just popped this on my messenger this morning.
And it inspired me to post the first of my Random Randomness posts on my blog.
Couldn't help but laugh after imagining the thought of this certain ballers aspirations back when he was a prep star.

So in Eddy Curry's expense... my first of probably many Random Randomness posts.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Project Sexy Beast Wrap Up

To those that are following the Project Sexy Beast outline before... here's the results.
I'm still undergoing maintenance on the diet, but not much activities lately since I'm running on a tight budget.

But here's the outlook.

I started the plan around January 2010. You'll see a picture on how I looked before. Waist line was at 36 and everything I wore was on a Large size. And I weighed in on around 180 lbs.

When I finished the whole plan at around March 2010, everything went down. I'm starting to wear Small sized shirts now and waist line is at 32. I now weigh in at around 157-160lbs.