Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Currently Enjoying

Rarely do you encounter musical gems like Corinne Bailey Rae that would really help you soothe the weekday stress from you during a rainy Sunday night. Her tracks doesn't just let you smooth in your sheets, her album also gives you that Sade effect on you, if you know what I mean. [Now that's just for married couples].

If you got some extra dimes to spare, do check her albums out. This one I'm currently enjoying is her self titled album. Haven't got to check her new one, The Sea, yet. Will probably get it through the weekend.

1. Like a Star
2. Enchantment
3. Put Your Records On
4. Till It Happens To You
5. Trouble Sleeping
6. Call Me When You Get This
7. Choux Pastry Heart
8. Breathless
9. I'd Like To
10. Butterfly
11. Seasons Change

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