Friday, June 18, 2010

Going For The Kill: Final Game Of The Season

The Lakers and the Celtics are one of the most storied rivalries that has went through time and provided fans the match everyone is waiting for. Ever since the old Magic and Bird days, the rivalry didn't grace the Finals since KG and company reinforced Team Leprechaun last 2008 and eventually won the ring from Kobe and the Lakers. The Lakers then took the title the following year by beating a young Orlando team, and this year we're back with green and gold.

Honestly, after the Suns lost to the Lakers 4 games to 2 during the Western Conference Finals, I stopped caring. I already feel like a champ after the Suns beat mo-friggin swept the Spurs. But how can you ignore the physical gladiator like battle these two teams are doing on the court? How?

The actors left the stage of the first act with KG screaming "Anything is possible!!!!!!" as Adidas execs told off KG that he shouldve screamed Impossible is nothing and Big Baby molesting the Larry O'Brien trophy on his rookie year. Kobe and the Lakers was left with distaste and with a lasting memory of the 4-2 beating they got against the '08 Champs.

The 2nd act was all about revenge for Kobe and the Lakers. It all began when Kobe might have looked at the series against Phoenix personal. Phoenix cleared court against Kobe's Lakers years ago, when Phoenix still had ambitions, and that too left a lasting memory on Kobe. As we have all seen, Kobe took care of that this year battling the Suns in 6 games until they eventually flipped the switch off in Phoenix sending the Lakers to their 3rd Finals appearance in 3 years.

Boston on the other hand entered the post season with a low seed and battling teams that we're superior than them during the regular season. Rondo lead the charge by beating LeBron's Cavs in 6 games and then getting revenge against Dwight and the super-reinforced Magic in 6 games. The Celtics came in the Finals again being the underdogs against the 2nd-overall Lakers. During their run, we all saw how deep the bench of the Celtics carry with veterans like Rasheed and Finley providing experience and energy from Tony Allen and newly acquired Nate Robinson. But the whole story is pointed of the emergence of Celtics guard Rajon Rondo who lead the C's by beating the Cavs and the Magic.

and today... it's all about Revenge... Kobe's 5th. Big Three's 2nd. Rondo's leadership. Artests effectiveness. Gasol's primal-like hair do. KG's intense pregame psych up. What's the story for today?

The world is torn. Boston or LA? Brawlers or Showtime? Those that hate Pierce or Those that hate Kobe... take your pick.

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