Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rains and Roots

the skies cries along with me
a man sitting steady like a tree
strong sturdy
on the ground he's fused
but among men
without shame he's abused
my emotions continue to cry and seek
as it struggles so hard to be free
what couldve caused this resolve
that this creature would just dissolve
my foolishness could you please absolve
and let the sky cry until i mold

Mirror Image

Im real arent I?
Bring in the mirror
so that i could see for myself
What am i, who am i...
How hard is it to deal
im not questioning just wondering
what am i, who am i...
overlooked and not booked
others crooked
had their hands shook
come and take my heart
come and take my desires
hard to look and look
but i know its with you that ill find
everything that i seek
everything that i need
and everything that you did
now youre the one overlooked
and not booked
so i see through the mirror
and see myself
what am i... and who am i...
lifes easier to deal
my feelings i love to squeal
to leave no questions
for me to ponder
bitter as i am...
but i know who i am

Monday, July 17, 2006

Are You Having Fun?

A friend made a conclusion about her experiences about guys. What about them, well most of all why relationships are only fun when its just beginning, since guys only put their best foot forward during those stages of courtships and relationships, then everything just crashes and burns as time passes by. Who has she been dating?

Then I thought, well im not like that... how can i be sure of that, ive never been in one... literally... Sad life eh? I deem not. Im still happy... but when it comes to love and relationships, why do one look for one? I mean when you come and look at it... is it really that important to have a really strong connection with the opposite sex on this age? what for? I asked myself the same question and until now i dont have the answers that will enlighten myself. It seems that everything that I need is already here within me, and im talking about Jesus here.

Happiness... Are you having fun? Am I? With life as it is, yes, im seldom seen down and really emotionally burnt... Or again another misconception of myself... I've always been at miserable park all my life... Strolling around pretending to hold someones hand while feeding the doves or staring at the pale moon light. What have i been doing wrong? This is starting to just become serious. And im still wondering why jerks always end up with them?

Again... Am I having fun?
Hell Yeah...
21 Years old... still kicking... im not going down without a fight... I'll press on...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

4:40 Darkness

4:40 on the dot on the clock, and when you look at the watermarks on the window, the lights from the cars tail lights and buildings are the only ones that lights the city up.

its unusual but not surprising during the rainy season. Worried on my desk on mid July, just thinking and minding what a dreamer would always think of.

"How is she doing? How am I doing?"

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


On the nick of time
Throwing what i thought was mine
In a world where mimes abound
Inside this imaginary box, im bound

Playing around, missing the point
soon to be afraid on the corner sitting coiled
in gloom, in the cold, alone and burrowed
holding the borrowed time like its ours

easily budged by strong currents that flows
and to be built like a tree grows
deeply rooted on love and faith, I arose
the damned, the Savior, the saved

the clouds shroud, the rain poured
one tiny spot He cant take on the “formed”
He cries, He delights, with blood He mourned
to have me back in his arms, that I was told

long, long before, young and careless
thats true, I couldnt care less…
what He did I took for granted
Not even seeing to Him ill be grounded

Humble as I stumble
with my toungue thats ready to grumble
the tool of my falls and fumbles
but He began and promised to push through

oh what love could that be
that saved a sinner like me
what love could that be
that not even i cant see

what love could this be…
that the Lord portrayed in me

Last Page

stir my heart for it knows Your Name
Bless my mouth and let it not speak the same
My heart, It cries a song
Words that waited to come out for so long
Now the praise goes to where it belongs

And as you move the clouds to paint the sky
The morning blesses me with your light
Everyday I seek, and everyday I pray
That the Heart of the King be shown today

No greater time it is right now
For this servant to come and bow down
Right here where crowns are layed
Where your beloved have prayed
My heart, it cries too long
Words that transpired to a song
Now the praise goes to where it belongs
back to where it belongs

And as you move the clouds to paint the sky
The canvas lit as your art cries
The most precious Son that I sought and prayed
The Heart of the King is shown today

Saturday, July 01, 2006


suddenly my emotions run through it
through my veins as it replenishes each skin
to make it pink while losing it blankens my face
in pale white as i took up your picture

i miss the stupid look on my face
and i just miss how you wipe it off me
i miss the sudden rush on my cheeks
that flusters my whole being, like a stroke that tied my toungue

where could it be right now
emotions now runs through it
pumps each and every vein
just hoping that a tone would reach my fingers

to tell you that it lingers
as i point through my chest
and how i like the rush
and how the other expects the thrill

the wait doesnt matter
i plan to do it all out
to start and not finish
to begin, and keep on running

like the blood that pumps on my veins
that engulfs my whole being as i hold your hand
and as morning wakes...
silence... pale... still rushing...