Saturday, July 01, 2006


suddenly my emotions run through it
through my veins as it replenishes each skin
to make it pink while losing it blankens my face
in pale white as i took up your picture

i miss the stupid look on my face
and i just miss how you wipe it off me
i miss the sudden rush on my cheeks
that flusters my whole being, like a stroke that tied my toungue

where could it be right now
emotions now runs through it
pumps each and every vein
just hoping that a tone would reach my fingers

to tell you that it lingers
as i point through my chest
and how i like the rush
and how the other expects the thrill

the wait doesnt matter
i plan to do it all out
to start and not finish
to begin, and keep on running

like the blood that pumps on my veins
that engulfs my whole being as i hold your hand
and as morning wakes...
silence... pale... still rushing...


cryxycryx said...

Nice. :) Did you make this on your own?

Marco de Jesus said...

yup yup all of my poems in a collective can be found at

and my solely dedicated blog for my Savior, Jesus is at :]