Sunday, April 19, 2009

Really?!? with Marco DJ

I've been following SNL for quite some time and I've been having a really good laugh everytime their Really?!? skit come up on their weekend update.

So I thought, why not do it here, in my blog... since I always have something to rant about. I might not do them any justice, but just for shultz and giggles... here it is.

Senator Bong Revilla Jr. Isn't done with making movies and I just read that he's gonna do a take on Panday... and it's already in production...

Really?!? Senator? You have that much time to leave your office and be on set to do a movie? Really?!?

I mean... Really?!? this may be a way to put your face on the screen and on billboards before the ads ban gets in for the elections... Really?!?

Our taxes aren't enough?!? you have to take a space on our movie houses too? Really?!?


Anyway, It's not that funny... but seriously these are all the things that I have in my mind after reading the news clip about the Panday Movie.

I'm sure he knows what he's doing. I'm just not sure it's of the best interest of the state. You're a public servant... I don't think this is the right time to be making movies.

Again, these are just my opinions. They are not surrounded with concrete facts.

But here's one... his wife may be running for congress too...



chiui said...

haha, well you have a point anyway. :) and i sort of agree with you. haha lol.

Gel said...

Haha REALLY?!? Am I that uninformed with current events that I don't know what's going on? REALLY?!? Hahaha BFF those are good points. REALLY! :) He's doing something extremely unnecessary, REALLY.

Marco de Jesus said...

REALLY?!? maybe he is unecessary... REALLY.