Friday, May 15, 2009

"Los Angeles, We Have A Problem"

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I'm not doubting the Lakers strength and talent. I'm still looking for a Laker win in Los Angeles in 2 days. But I'm still baffled by the thought that they couldn't close out on a team that's missing 2 of their best players (or at least how we know them).

Armed with a little warrior (Aaron Brooks) and the Argentinian Stud (Scola), The Rockets, unwilling to go out and be like Apollo 1 in this series, forced a do-or-die game 7 in Los Angeles for the chance to go into the Western Conference Finals against Denver.

The Rockets who looked like who never lost a beat, refueled at home after the 40-point beating they got from the Lakers in game 3, only lost 1 quarter to the Lakers in a game that seemed to be the one that would've sent the Lakers preparing to study Denvers game. Scola finished with 24 points and 12 rebounds and Brooks also chipping in 24 of his own to lead the Rockets barrage.

The Lakers on the other hand looked like they're clueless or maybe disheartened by the barrage they received from the Rockets (17-1) only closed in the 3rd quarter.

Now to my analysis, what's slowing the Mighty Lakers? What's keeping them out of their potential to dismember opponents in a way that fans are expecting them to? What ever happened to that refueled passion they're telling everyone about after they lost to the Celtics last year? I'm guessing these are the same Lakers that was battered and bruised by KG and company. Playing with their talent but not that motivated by their passion to win that crown.

Is it possible that the "zen" of Phil Jackson are slowing them down? Really making them feel relaxed and make them believe that they can still bag it in the next game? That's one thing I noticed with comparing the defending champions against these Laker team. The Celtics, without one of their big three, has been fighting until the last minute and see themselves win games. You can't deny the leprechauns heart, no matter how much I dislike this team, they comeout, ready to play.

The Lakers on the other hand, a team who appears to have everything to lose, are coming out that way... A team that has everything to lose. Now they're on a brink of an upset.

It's win or go home for them.

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