Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The National Anthem Issue

I think there never is. These guys just wants to get into the media so they bashed Martin Nievera's rendition of the National Anthem. True, it's supposed to be sung like a marching song, but then again, a singer has his own expressions and should have freedom to express his feelings towards the song he sings.

And to Atienza... I don't even know where to begin with. I hate politicians masquerading as having sense of Filipino pride in them. I think, Sir, You guys have none. Why? If you have some irk of Filipino pride in you then I think with all the taxes we pay, the Philippines should be something else by now.

I don't think someone who rapes their motherland has a say on how to protect the motherland.

As for me... I'll remain to love the Philippines and will express it in any creative way that I am free to do so.

news source: GMANews Article about the National Anthem Issue

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Gel said...

Well as for me I found Martin's version of the National Anthem weird. It's like he made it into a concert or something. But hey, whatever tickles his pickle, right? What's important is Pacman won. Haha.