Friday, May 01, 2009

Revenge of the Lechon

image from the movie: Lord of the Flies

Now that the swines that we have slaughtered in exchange of happiness during Filipino festivities are making their move of vengeance... our government suited up their preparedness and approved a 10 million budget for swine flu capsules. That will buy 100,000 capsules... for the country... who pretty much embraces pigs...

Yup... that'll really reaaaaally help.

other pandemics wreaked havoc and brought down millions of lives... well I guess, and hope that we won't really get hit by this pandemic.

So to everyone... beware of pigs... that goes to a certain... nevermind.

sources: GMA News Article, Other Pandemic Article

1 comment:

Gel said...

Hay nako poor pigs. Kawawa yung nangyari sa Egypt na pinatay nila yung mga baby pigs. Tsk :\