Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So whats been up? It's been a while since I last blogged, and I missed it. So I'll just throw practically everything that's on my mind right now... so hang on to your seats, here they come...

Hayden Kho... I'd just say that I've had enough of this. I beg people to stop talking about this because seriously... there's nothing to talk about. I'd probably ask and wonder why is it this being discussed in the senate. There's economic crisis out there, another lingering "ChaCha" movement by the lower house, and then the next big issue... sex tapes. Ok they're taboo, they're no-no... but why just now? why didn't anyone flinch like this when the actress Mahal came out with hers. So enough about these already, let them handle their problems... it shouldn't be the whole NATION'S concern! it shouldn't take up 40% of our news.

Sen. Bong Revilla... He scored a media hat trick in a month span! hooray for the dude. He first went out by (angrily) asking Alec Baldwin to apologize to the whole nation because the actor said that he'd probably get a Filipina Mail-Ordered Bride online while on Letterman. He shows that we, Filipinos can't take a joke. Next is that he went out on the Senate floor to announce that Hayden Kho is a pervert. And now he's fuming with anger at how the Batangas-Motor-Banca met their doom...

#1. Take the joke!... Don't come out and hate Alec Baldwin for saying these... but it's probably the truth. Maybe there's still sites out there that sells Filipina brides... LOOK IT UP!

#2. Already said my piece about Hayden Kho.

#3. Maybe if you were doing your job (not Resiklo or Exodus or Panday) you could've probably cemented laws about maritime safety.

Cha-Cha... I can't believe that even after a number of failed attempts to get this to go... they're still going for it! I just can't believe it. I just... can't... effin... believe it.... Give up effers... give up before money changes other politicians minds. I'm hoping that this would again get junked in the Senate, the house where my confidence still lies (except for a couple of idiots).

Ethics complaint... Jamby sucks... period, I'm not saying that Sen. Lacson's complains and qualms against Sen. Villar are idiotic, I respect what they find, if they're for real or if they're just ruining Villar's chance for the presidency, I won't know till the end. I just hate that Jamby Madrigal is out there rallying like the banner of ethics she claims she is. F this... this is a bunch of bull.


What a conference finals we're having. Denver are really on the Lakers case. They're fighting back and forth like the black and white pieces of the chess board. This series is really turning out to be a thriller, the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis... Nail Bitin, Gut Churnin, Ball Bustin kind of series. They're tied 2-2 with another game in LA tomorrow (9:00 am MLA Time).

And how about the Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers playoffs? Them Cavs are being exposed by the Magic. The Magic are already holding a commanding lead against the Cavaliers 3-1 and in three and a half games the Magic really dominated the Cavs, this began after the 2nd half of Game 1 where the Magic chased down a big Cavalier lead to win Game 1 in Cleveland. Game 2 was all Magic until that LBJ miracle. It should've been over if it wasn't for that... Games 3 and 4 went to the Magic with Game 4 going to OT.

I'm going to vacation this weekend along with the whole office and will probably get a rest day on Monday. Hopefully it won't rain... but CNN Weather (not PAGASA) said that it would probably rain in Subic on those days... so... F***!

a quick shoutout to my two bloggin friends... Happy Belated Birthday to Gel and Lei who went 21 and 24 last Monday and Tuesday respectively.

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Anonymous said...

I guess you can’t just tell a Senator who pushes for a Magna Carta of Women to “take a joke” about a Hollywood actor ordering online brides.
I guess you can’t tell a Senator to cement a law that easily if you don’t really know how rigid and lengthy it is to actually “cement” a law.
People clobber out on Senators who “waste taxes on ‘useless’ issues. People call it a grandstanding for the elections. And yet, people abhor the idea of Charter Change.
Eleksyon, Hindi yan mawawala hangga't inaayawan pa ang Cha-Cha.
Yeah, there are other issues our government should be focusing on. But you can’t tell they’re actually working on it because obviously, it’s not what the media shows us. The media is a business that needs to sell its stuff; and in order to sell its stuff, it focuses on the “items” na “patok sa masa.” Stop putting the entire blame on the politicians.

Marco de Jesus said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your comments, and in reality, I appreciate them.

But, you can't blame me for having these because these things are what I see.

Well in all honesty I don't see what they're doing except for what I see in the news. This is the only thing that connects us... to bring us "in the know".

Regarding the "joke" it's their opinion. It's what they see. Maybe it's the truth, so instead of going out and be sour on it. Look it up that's what I'm saying.

The Hayden Kho thingy... they're questioning are going out of hand and somehow doesn't help out any legislative purposes that they need to do.

Sen. Villar's issue... maybe if they stayed within the legislative branch... they wouldnt have problems with these projects.

Anonymous said...

Sen. Bong Revilla just defended us from these foreign joke/s which may in reality seem true but even if it is a joke or not, i doesn't do any good for us filipinos.

Marco, you are a filipino you should love and protect your fellow filipinos. You should know the feeling when baldwin made that remark. you have a mother who is a filipina and perhaps you have a sister who is also a filipina. so try protecting them as well.

and with regards with the villar issue, cayetano is a jerk by commenting that investigating Villar's case is a non-sense and a waste of time. he should be responsible doing his job rather than commenting stupid things about the case. .

Marco de Jesus said...

Well he didn't just isolate Filipinas... he also included Russians but I don't hear them complaining. What I'm saying is that is the truth out there. And that is what they see, that is what is happening out there... there are Filipinas being traded as mail ordered brides. But barring the man to visit the Philippines? that's too much for an observation of whats happening out there.

We joke alot about PGMA, we joke alot about Erap... theyre someone elses mothers and fathers too... we joke about our school stereotypes, we joke about our own stereotypes... I don't hear anyone crying foul about that.

rose marie said...

we should be thankful coz we had a senator like Senator Bong Revilla he is like a superman.his actions are very quick so there is no need of critisizing this kind of person

SeanO said...

oh, c'mon. we shouldn't be so sensitive with truths. Alec Baldwin's comment wasn't "anti-filipino" or "anti-women". He just told it like it is.

Should we label anyone who makes a joke about Filipinos "anti-filipino" outright? It's not like the rest of us filipinos don't do it to other people too. That's like saying that everyone who makes a joke about "dibidi-dibidi" is anti-muslim. Or "5-6" jokes are anti-Indian.

Everyone does it to everyone else. Problem is, we're too sensitive when it's about us.

Anonymous said...

revilla. go do your thing. there are people who still support you because they know how not to be narrow-minded.

Marco de Jesus said...

Yeah, too narrow minded, that he'd ban the person from the Philippines despite the public apology.

I almost forgot that this "hero" also asked Baldwin to come here to see his bravado...

i guess his words were "tingnan natin yung tapang nyan"

Do your thing... star in movies.

Anonymous said...

Go Sen. Bong just do your job because you still have pepole like us who are open minded and understand and are not narrow-minded. Thank you for standing up for us. You are one brave and true filipino.

Anonymous said...

Go Sen. Bong just do your job because you still have pepole like us who are open minded and understand and are not narrow-minded. Thank you for standing up for us. You are one brave and true filipino.

Anonymous said...

Would you like your country to be one of the example in prior to what alec baldwin says?
Hell NO!!!

so Sen. Bong Revilla go do your thing and were going to do ours to support you..

Marco de Jesus said...

oh my goodness... well... whatever tickles your pickle...

what can you do about it. it's the truth... you don't shoot the messenger who says you got a big smudge on your face... you fix the smudge.

mary rose said...

yeah right!!! lets support our government specially all of the senadors that are handeling katrina' case against hayden particlarly Sen. Bong Revilla and Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, were going to play an essential role for the inprisonment of hayden kho which is a pervert.