Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The National Anthem Baloon!!!

Oh my friggin goodness gracious... These guys couldn't just let the so called "issue" go.

Now they're filing a case...

so I guess we should let these guys have it...

let's give mister Barzaga (Cavite Rep) a round of applause for being such a patriot and defender of our good country by filing a case to a person who misinterpreted the National Anthem...

I guess this would be my last rant of this issue... unless something else that's totally unnecessary comes up that would deserve a post.

Seriously I live right next to Cavite, and I didn't hear an uproar from the crowd... If I ever did hear one... it's probably because Pacman knocked the lights out from the Hitman in 2 rounds... or probably because it's traffic again in their place.

To all who are against on how it was sung... here's my middle finger to all your uptight asses... False Nationalists... I bet you guys don't even follow the road rules... how do I know? I LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR JURISDICTION!

I'm not generalizing everyone who lives in the good province of Cavite. But to the ones that I have encountered along the road... you know who you are, and you know what you do.

news source: GMANews - Charges vs Martin Nievera

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