Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Dream My Love

should i dare dream
think more of what may seem
or just walk out of it
wait for that someone i'd meet

I'm hurt, i'm fine
in every song it's you i find
you know i'd want to stop
dream's too nice to flop

why wouldn't you let it happen?
or would you want me to start nappin
just to see and hold you
and you know in my heart there's nothing new

and now it's painful to dream
because of what may seem
and i have nothing to hold
since even in my sleep my emotions unfold

such pain to deal for such time
how they tell me loving you is a crime
when i know hope is grim
you know me, i'll still dream

why wouldn't it just happen
a sudden twist in fate for images to sharpen
my wish to be right next to you
you'll know my heart holds nothing new

and with a few i've flown and known
none like how you've got me blown
time i'll never get back
moments i'll always look back

why wouldn't it just happen
to finally see birds up high flapping
beside you, i'd give anything
or would you just want me to start nappin.

why wouldn't it just happen.

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