Thursday, June 10, 2004

NBA Finals Game 2 :: An Upset For The Underdogs

well the outcome was inevitable. it seems that when the going gets tough, the pistons collapse. they were seconds away for a 2-0 lead against the lakers, yet they stumbled. and yet kobe did his late game heroics (damn you kobe!!!). i was in my 11:00 class when the game is on its way. so i just looked at the stats via and there, we were cheering for the pistons. we thought that the pistons had the 4th quarter packed, and the lakers back sobbing inside their locker room, but nooo.... kobe had the pistons. with kobe's heroic 3-pointer, the lakers sent the game to OT. and there it all happened... the pistons stumbled, and got nailed on their 89 point mark, while the lakers kept on scoring their 2-0 lead out. and guess what? lakers won... its an upset for the underdogs.

heres a little spice for game 3, derek fisher aint 100%, he is suffering from a knee injury, and theres a posibility that he might not play on game 3. payton isnt himself. and theres no point guard left but... luke walton...

DET 91-99 LAL OT
Box Score

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