Thursday, June 03, 2004

My NBA Finals Predictions

Bag the chips, grab your beers, call some friends, the NBA Finals 2004 is just around the corner. Coming June 6th, the Pistons and the Lakers will battle it all out bringing everything for the Gold.

:: The Analysis ::

Detroit won the conference finals against the Pacers is 6 games, and Lakers won it in the West also with 6 games.

I can see that the Lakers will take it home in 6 games, most likely. With Detroit already having a hard time to win it big in the conference finals with the Pacers, I'd say they wouldnt stand a chance. I hate to say it, but they cant even finish the games above 90 points. And thats against the Pacers, put in the likes of Kobe, Shaq, Payton and Malone on the opposition, how will they plan to take the gold home? I mean they won big and i mean big! They went to war and sent the Twolves packing, and they're already a big team with a lot of talent, and still the Lakers managed to win it above 90. I just hope that Dumars is happy with the silverware because i wont bet they'll take home the gold.

:: My Predictions ::

Game 1: @ LA

The so called "Bad Boys" is having they're first finals appearance and they're hyped up. Knowing that they have players dont have the finals experience at all, the Lakers will go home happy and the Pistons will watch the tape of this game with coach Larry Brown.
Lakers win 90-79

Game 2: @ LA

The Pistons will come back with a vengeance, but that wont give them the win. They'll play defense, and take care of Shaq inside. But dont forget that there are still others in yellow who can still score and crush your dreams. Detroit will give em a fight. But that wont be enough to stop em at Staples. The Lakers will have they're 2-0 lead.
Lakers win 88-80

Game 3: @ Detroit

Yeah, the Pistons are back in Auburn Hills and the Lakers will wish they are back home. Because Chauncey, Rip, Prince, and Sheed will take em behind the perimeter. Pistons will get theyre win 2-1, But the Lakers will finish close.
Pistons win 85-80

Game 4: @ Detroit

Naaah... The Lakers will bag this one. The Lakers will know the essence of the Pistons offense, and theyll take it inside and outside. Theyll outscore the Pistons in the paint. Lakers win 90-76

Game 5: @ Detroit

The Detroit will be back on their toes and they'll play defense this time, and cut the Lakers championship hopes for 1 game. Detroit will play the best game they'll ever play since the conference finals. They'll shut down the Lakers in game 5. They'll give em turnovers and put the Pistons on the fastbreak. They'll outrun the Lakers and win this one 93-87

Game 6: @ LA

The Lakers are back home, and they like the crowd in Staples to share the confetti shower with them. Handshakes from the blues and hugs from friends. congratulations said to the long awaited 4th championship of the Lakers. 4-2
Lakers will win this one 95-80

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