Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Oh how im willing to waste
this life i am living for another
how i search for that taste
the score thats far away brother

a toddler, once i was
loved, and hugged i once had...
attention now i seek
take a look, i aint that bad

sanity once i lost i now hold
now i step up, brave and bold
stripped off my pride, alone in cold
if i had a child, these were told...

i lurk in depths of darkness i believe
i hide not to seek, but to chill
the smile in my face, that now i peel
shame and regret, lately i feel

why did i leave, why give up?
i never had the chance to try and pick up
now it just rings, please answer
time now wasted, now passed...
which i wish, i had...

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